Will gta run good on these specs

dan - Jan 6, 2009 at 01:05 PM
 Avidist - Oct 19, 2009 at 04:53 AM
i bought GTA 4 the other day and it definately doesnt work on my machine yet, i need a better graphics card. im getting the NVIDIA GeForce 9500 1GB soon. so with that, 2.25 GB of RAM, about 110 GB hard drive i think it should work, but im curious about my processor, with the better graphics card and the RAM, will it work on a AMD Sempron 3200 with 1.79 GHz?

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everyone saying "anything less than a quad core and this game will run like crap" is retarded. my system specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0ghz E6850
Asus p5q mobo
Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT 512mb
4GB Kingston ram
140gb SATA HD

I'm not even overclocked playing the game, and I can run it with high settings, view distance 80% and shadow rendering at 90%. Yes, this may not be as good as the xbox 360 or ps3 versions, but even those would sometimes freeze mid-mission to load and precache resources. If you call that "crap" then you're a graphics whore. If I used my oc profile to go to 4.0 I could run the game at max settings easily, and my graphics card is barely second tier.
will gta 4 will run on 1 gb nvadia geforce 9400 gt graphics card with 2 gb ram, 320gb hard disk space and 2.2 ghz intel pentium dual core.
I run GTA 4 with a Pentium D 3.20ghz 2gb ram 8400gx 512 and windows xp sp3 just fine on low settings
Jul 15, 2009 at 03:43 PM
will an intelcore i7 run the game better than a quadcore?

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Jan 6, 2009 at 01:17 PM
Your CPU will drasticly limit GTA 4 at the very lowest settings it needs a Core 2 Duo

The PC version of GTA 4 has CPU power for breakfast - independent on clock speed, L2 cache or number of cores. The latter ones are very important, because without quad-core power GTA 4 is noticeably less enjoyable. For example: A Q6600 is about 52 percent faster than the dual-core E6600 when both CPUs are running at 2.4 GHz. If the clock speed is increased, the difference gets smaller, but is still huge and a QX6850 is 47 percent faster than an E6850. Dual-core processors have a serious disadvantage and only with 3.6 GHz an E8500 is able to beat the Q6600, but GTA 4 nevertheless suffers from frequent lags on dual-core systems - no matter if an AMD or Intel CPU is used. The Phenom X4 9950 easily passes the Q6600 and theoretically is on the same level as the Q6700 (not included in the benchmark).
well, will i at least be able to play it without a constant lag?
and one more question, i dont know much about processors, but can you replace a processor on a board, or is the processor that comes with the board perminant?
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Jan 6, 2009 at 01:34 PM
Download the demo and use it as a test.


I think your CPU is way too slow. The CPU chip can be upgraded - BUT your current CPU is two generations old and your upgrade options are limited by the motherboard. You would need to research the motherboard to determine the max CPU it accepts and then update the BIOS and that would max you out at a ATHLON 64 4000+ CPU at best.
well i already own the game, have it installed, and tryed playing it. its laggy and blurry, but its playable, i figured with a better graphics card it might improve gameplay a bit. but im not gonna bother getting the graphics card if afterwards it doesnt improve noticeably.
unless you have a quad core do not bother
here are my specs
AMD ATHLON 6400+ black edition @3.2 overclocked to 3.4
120 extreme hs
4 ocz platinum mem
500 gig hdd
gtx 260 video card
dfi lanparty nf590 mobo
creative labs faita1ty champion series sound card

and after about 1/2 hour or less starts to stutter horribly and glitches is like stuck in slow motion so I would say wait ,wait till the next cpu comes out or start saving now for a custom pc you can build yer own trust me on this it's easy
You won't be able to get maximum performance out of GTA 4...
My specs are: intel core 2 duo 3.2 ghz overclocked to 4.0 ghz
12 gb ddr3
3x nvidia 1 gb video card in sli
Though i'm not satisfied with its performance with GTA 4
if it isnt a dual core, no way. unless u have another computer? i have a P4 3.4 and an i7 940. if u dont knwo much, i7 is good, and p4 3.4 isnt bad. get at least an AMD x2 4200+. and yes, you can replace the original cpu.
Ok i dont know people keep saying dual core processer. You do not want anything less than quad core processer to run this game and at good settings. Dont get me wrong you can run the game with dual core it will just run like crap, and you will have to lower all the settings. Of course depends on your video card also. And now days i wouldnt run anything from Nvidia. Decent Video cards just way over priced and just not the fastest anymore. ATI is the new way. 4870 series is currently fastest video card out and alot cheaper than Nvidia. And considering the 8 series Nvidia cards were turned into the 9 series. The 9 series is complete crap.

But there is really not a computer out there that can run GTA 4 MAX MAX settings. It just wont happen. The game was made for xbox 360 and consoles. My system currently eats all the games a play alive. And you can add another video card but cant really get better.

Im Using

AMD Phenom 2 processer(quad core) 3G
4870 x2 video(2000 ram)
8000 ram
Vista 64 bit
the New AM3 motherboard
quad cores are no good because quad core only comes into affect when the computer is being pushed to the limits and is struggling,and again quad core was designed for windows 7 and all the cores will only work if your running windows 7, so that means quad core will run at singe/dual core standards, so stick with dual cores
ya there is, my friend has like a $1000 computer, he can run it MAX MAX, max graphics, resolution, everything. his computer is:
Intel core 2 quad @ 2.3GHz
6 GB of ram
Nvidia Geforce 9500GT
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit