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osborns9 - Mar 14, 2011 at 12:56 PM
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Is there a way to create a macros that would keep track of inventory quanitity by scanning a barcode? I have many boxes that have barcodes to represent the different bottles of each box - for example, all of the A bottles have the same bar code, all of the B bottles have the same barcode, etc.

Here's an example of what I'm trying to do:
I'm trying to create an inventory spreadsheet where I start out with a quantity of let's say 500 boxes of "A" in the B column (column A would be the "A" barcode), and when I scan the barcode for "A", the quantity of "A" in the B column would decrease by 1 (making the total quanitity 499).


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I have limited experience of retail Point of Sale systems, but I think i have seen something that might be of use to you.

Barcode scanners that interact with excel are usually programmed to enter the code in the active cell and then "press enter" so to speak so that the next cell down is selected. I guess this is how yours is working too. The retailer using this had two workbooks, a sales sheet and an inventory and so long as they were both open at the same time the inventory was being updated on a live basis.

It used a macro that was attached to the "press enter" event. It would effectively look at the number that had just been entered and count the number of instances of it in the list. Then it would match the code with the list of codes in the inventory sheet. Predictably, the next step would be to subtract the countif result from the inventory number.

Is this the kind of Macro that you would need or am I getting the wrong end of the stick?
Hi, Thanks for responding, I did however find the answer to my question here:

What you are talking about though is sort of what I was looking for except I wanted to both add and subtract 1 from the inventory utilizing two different cells.