No audio device found on xp in dell a860

i have upgraded my a860 dell notebook with xp.when i play music in media player ,its saying no audio device found what can i do ?

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OK, since DELL never actually wants u to downgrade to XP, they have not made provision for the correct drivers and OS patch on the installation CD.

You need to follow these steps:
1. Go to this link : and download "kb888111xpsp2.exe"

2. After downloading the file, run the exe and follow the installation instructions.

3. The patch allows your OS to recognise the High Definition Audio Device.

4. Install the Drivers that were shipped with your laptop:
- R190096 (Conexant Audio)
- R190098 (Conexant Modem)

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UR A GRNIUS DAMN THOSE microsoft wonder the EU imposed fine
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i would like to thank you for the advice on the problem, my problem is solved and will be able to sleep..

hi. i have sp3 and i can't launch that file as it's for sp2. don't know how to get that driver for my audio card. have to look forward.
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Your solution works like a charm!!!

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I had almost given up.

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> Anto
I have similar problem with Vostro 1015n. XP recognizes the audio device but I have not found the driver for xp even in dell site.
> Sourabh
If the driver is installed and the device "is working properly" but you still don't get any sound, go to Device Manager, right click the device, select Properties, go to Driver tab and click Update.
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Where can i find the Conexant Modem Driver.
I bought a Laptop and the Driver CD wasn't supplied with it.

Most of the Drivers i've managed to find and install but the Sound and the ICH8 i found are only for Vista.
thiw was really helpful for me also, thanks. The sound definitely isn't as loud as it used to be though. Any ideas on that?

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I was about 2 buy Vista just coz my sound wasn't working
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I already have sp3 and it tells me that i don't need that patch...what can i do? pls answer
You don't need the patch if you've got SP3. It's already done.

It isn't Dell that doesn't want you to downgrade to XP. it's Micro$oft. They want you to have Vista with all the DRM put there on behalf of M$'s "Business Partners" i.e. anybody who gives M$ enough money so they agree to build in his DRM. Gone are the days when Micro$oft was on the side of the user, sort of like a tech-savvy older brother. Now, they aren't just one of the sharks, they are leading the pack.
oh its great it works U ROCKS BUDY
You guys are awesome! Driver downloaded here worked perfectly. Sound is working. Amazing how people can make a difference in lieu of big business.