My msn account has been blocked

cheng - Apr 30, 2011 at 02:49 PM
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plz need ur help i tried to access my hot mail many times with my password which i use it since many years but it suddenly didn't work and my Hotmail blocked i tried to access from many different computers but failed and i have very important documents on it plz help me .
Its my very old email id and suddenly msg came on sat 25-09-2010 that my email account is blocked due to spam email, i didn't send then hotmail and msn they blocked my account. Ii try to access but they are asking question and after reply hotmail are sending my reset pwd request also on my blocked account. how can i access help..
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Apr 30, 2011 at 03:57 PM
Your MSN/Hotmail Account has been hacked! There is presently an epidemic of hacked account

Go to MSN email support:
You have to give all informations about your problem and about your identity:
* Your e-mail (the "Windows Live ID").
* An alternate e-mail address where Hotmail may contact you. If you need one, you can open a Gmail account at this address:<mpl=default<mplcache=2
* Your first name and full name.
* Your date of birth (month / day / year).
* Your country.
* The state, province or department in which you reside.
* Your postal code.
* The IP address of each computer used to access your account, or the most commonly used. To find your IP address, visit :
* The answer to your secret question (if you don't remember it, notify it).
* Emergency address email registered for this account (if no emergency address, notify it).
* Your Internet service provider (at work or at home).
* The date and approximate time of your last login.
* The information below:
o For Windows Live Hotmail user :
? Examples of files names which you created in addition to those existing by defect
? Examples of contacts contained in your address book.
? Examples of old email titles contained in your inbox folders or messages.
o For Windows Live Messenger user :
? Examples of contacts contained in your contact list.
? The nickname under which you appear on Windows Live Messenger.
VERY IMPORTANT ! Write your request in a clear and understandable English, avoiding the SMS language, spelling and abbreviations !

? Remember this is the only way you can expect to recover your account!

Due the great number of hacked accounts, it may take a week or more before you get a reply