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umair - May 13, 2011 at 07:06 AM
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Dear All,

I have a question to ask,

Actually i am working with an Excel File which has so many sheets under one file, and this file is of various fabrics that we used in our production.
And every time new fabric is enter or consume i have to update the sheet. And it is getting very tough on me, as their are so many fabrics and items in the sheet, and it is becomingalmost impossible to find any wrong data that i entered in the sheet.
I want to create an exact duplicate copy of the entire MS Excel sheet, and want to get highlight of the data that i put in main sheet .
I mean i want to know for e.g. what entries i put on 15 may 2011, so if i have to check the mistake i just need to go to that duplicate sheet , and to see what i entered their.

I hope i have clariy my issue.

Please give me an urgent reply.
I will be extreamly thankful to you.

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May 14, 2011 at 05:08 AM
in your sheet there must be one column for date of entry and other columns. date column need not be the first column may be last column also. But you must enter the date when you enter the data.

in such a case you can autofilter the data according to date column being any particular date and you get only those data which you have entered on that particular date will be visible. you can manipulate with that filtered data and once it is over you can remove the autofilter and you get the full data visible

read excel help against "autofilter"
there is no need for a duplicate sheet other wise for the 50 sheet you have to have another fifty sheets as dup0licates.
Dear All,
Thank you for the reply, i appreciate your answer, but I have to tell you much more precisely about my problem.

Actually we enter the data daily in Excel file, and at the weekend we have to send the data to our directors for review. So we enter the data daily by renaming the file to the weekend date.
For e.g
Today we will resave the last weekend file as "Fabric Detail on 14-may-11,
and in next week we will work on this file by saving it with the name "Fabric detail 21-May-11.
So, what actually happening is that we are entering the data in this one Excel file which contains about 30 sheets since last 3 years.
And this file is now have become very big. And in order to check the accuracy, we have to go with every raw and colums to check it with over physical records to make sure that entries are right.
So what i want is that this file should be linked with another empty Excel file, and only the column headings and formula should remain and all other thing should be hiden, and only the entry that we make should appear in that new excel file. Because at the weekend we make sure that all the records are correct. And suppose if there are 1000 columns in this weekend and in only 50 columns we make entry, but we didnt know which columns of those 1000 we make the entry and so we have to check every column, and with every new day these columns are increasing.

I hope i have conveyed my problem,
i will be very thankful if you please help me resolve my problem,
Do remeber that the sheet contains not only formula but also merge among cells etc and also one sheet is linked with the first sheet in the excel file as summary.

Thank you
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May 16, 2011 at 09:35 AM
Hi Umair,

Is it an idea to color the cell you make an entry?
Then at the end of the week, you can look for the colored cells to see what you entered this week. When you checked everything you can remove the colors to do the same next week?

Best regards,