I type letters and get numbers on my 10"pc [Solved/Closed]

 nicki -
I have a EeePC and am getting numbers when I type U,I,O,J,K,L,M,P(*). Mine is a 10" laptop. Can you help?

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Sounds like you have the NumLck key set. This feature simulates the "numeric keypad" on a laptop/netbook keyboard. Search for the "NumLck" key and use it (plus the Fn at the same time) to reverse your current setting.
Thank you

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It wasn't just the NumLck key. I read other postings and found that if you hit the Fn key then the NumLck key (don't hit them at the same time), it fixed the problem.
I forgot to thank you for the quick response. This forum is great!!!
omg that helped me so much! haha thanks!

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