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I have a Dell Inspiron 1318 laptop, which is two years old. Recently, the battery finally gave up the ghost, so I've just been running it off the AC adapter. Every now and again, it just turns off. It turns back on fine though, no error messages other than the standard "You didn't turn your computer off properly etc etc" screen upon start up.

I'm positive it's not overheating, as I have a heat monitoring program called Core Temp installed and I'm careful to keep the computer as cool as possible, with no vents blocked and it's always on a hard surface.

I recently replaced the AC adapter as the old one was becoming ureliable. It's plugged into the wall, not a surge protector, and there hasn't been any thunderstorms lately, so I know nothing got fried.

Thank you for your time.


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Try this 1

Compare the output voltage of your old power adapter with the new one. The

output voltage (V) must be the same, the amps( indicated as A) could be the

same or higher than on the original power adapter.

Also check the output voltage of your new adapter. If the output voltage is not

correct then the laptop shuts down to prevent the damage.

Good Luck
Both adapters have an output number on them of 19.5 V. The new one was billed as a 90 V on Dell's website, while the old one is a 60 V, but I was told that both are completely compatible with my laptop. Also, this happened with the old adapter as well, and it wasn't due to the loose connection inside the old AC adapter, as I didn't even touch the computer and it just turned off.

Actually, I just remembered something. Last...summer I think it was, my laptop slid off a book I had it on and landed on the AC adapter plug. Could something be bent inside the computer and only now be acting up?