Laptop will not turn on.

Pat - Sep 29, 2008 at 10:05 AM
 Senpai - Feb 3, 2019 at 09:39 PM
Please help! My laptop will not turn on.

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Try taking out any cords and take out the battery and hold the power button down for 30 seconds then put the cord back in and try to turn it on, then put battery back in.
I've just tried holding my sons 'completely dead' laptop upside down as per above instructions and it re-started! Thank you Akatsuki!
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Mar 5, 2009 at 04:28 AM
After reading your message I was gonna try that but BEFORE I pulled out the wires + turned it upside down
+ removed the battery etc. etc....I tried (FIRST) to just HOLD THE POWER KEY DOWN FOR A FEW SECONDS?,..
and much to my surprise it came ON!!......(after having been in a "frozen" or "locked" mode all day!)
ok but but when I try to turn my on it just never cuts on I try to plug it up it never cuts on can you help me
THat is the CRAZIEST thing ever!!! Akatsuki was right!!! DO EXACTLY as he says, I did it once, but no exactly and then tried it again---soooooo impressed! SAved me loads of problems and $!!! =)
Wtf man it work !
Damn cant believe it
Thank you for the tip Man
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Jun 12, 2010 at 10:23 PM
OK, I have the same problem with Toshiba Satellite. The laptop lights would go on, then you hear the fan and the CD drive running for 2 seconds then it dies. I found the solution to this problem in other forums and feel that I have to share it with everyone.


1.Unplug AC and remove battery.
2. Hold power button for 1 minute (some claim holding it upside down helps..dont ask me why)
3. Leave laptop for 1 minute
4. Insert battery back into laptop and plug in AC.
5. Turn on

It took me several times before I finally get it to work. Make sure the battery is charged before doing this.

I was so happy when this worked for me. I was so frustrated. I just have to share this with everyone else.
I am totally stunned, but it worked!
mine hasnt worked. ffs
If it is a Power Button problem, then you might be able to use the QuickPlay Button as a substitute. The problem most likely is a ZIF cable that connects the motherboard to the power button. That cable controls sound too. You can either order a new cable....they are hard to find at the moment. Or you can swap the cable that controls the touch buttons. The cable is a ribbon cable, which weakens from pressing the power button due to flexing.
I had similar problem where I have to wiggle the power cord to connects to my HP laptop for it to start charging (solid blue light). I opened up my laptop (actually to replace heat sink fan ) and found that the connector is soldered on small pcb. The probem appeared that connetor cannot withstand day to day handling of power cable in and out and is going to comeoff from its connection with pcb.
Difficult part for me was to resolder the connector as I don't want to mess up other connection nearby on the PCB. I am looking for a technician who knows hp laptops can do better job.

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Toshiba Satellite A135-S2246.

Plugging it in, the power light comes on, but no battery-charge light.

Power button completely unresponsive.

Tried the solution here- remove battery and power, hold power button for 30 seconds, replace battery, turn on.

Worked like a charm, and my heart attack is aborted!
true story: I had the exact same problem: power on, LEDs blink, 2-5 secs, turn off. sometimes the LEDs just flicker constantly especially with power cord in. left in "on" (flickering). went to this forum using another laptop. after reading the upside-down thing, decided to try it. no harm in trying. when I went back to my other laptop, it's already powered on! stupidfreaks!!!

coincidence probly, but if its the connector, let us know if anyone has done this connector fix.
acer 4520 (acer sucks)
I have a dell inspiron and have the Toshiba Satellite, he laptop lights would go on, then you hear the fan and the CD drive running for 2 seconds then it dies.. tried the above method over and over but no joy.... please help
I have a dell inspiron and have the same problem as the Toshiba Satellite, the laptop lights would go on, then you hear the fan and the CD drive running for 2 seconds then it dies.. tried the above method over and over but no joy.... please help
i have the toshiba satellite too and it wont work what did you do?
I have a DEll Vostro 1500 and it is not booting. when I start my laptop it starts and wont go to operating system it just blinks on the top left corner
In working with computers for over 20 years, this "hold the laptop upside down and press the power button" stuff makes no sense to me.....but it worked for me! Why is this? And thanks so much for helping us out. We had tried two batteries and different AC adapters. Just about to pitch the laptop when our search found you. Thanks again.

I just replaced the Power connector for a Sony VAIO that had broken. After 2 1/2 hours of careful removal of EVERY piece on this Laptop including the Motherboard and disconnecting all the TINY ribbon cables, I was able to replace the power connector.

I then re-installed EVERY piece I removed. I plugged in the power cord with the battery installed and the Battery light just flashed rapidly. When I press the power button, the green power light was on with the button pushed but off when I released it. OK long story short. Instead of dismantlement the laptop again, I tried the above solution. IT WORKED!!! I don't know how or why it worked but it did. I was able to get the laptop to power up without the battery in place. Now I think that the problem is a bad battery. The laptop won't recognize that the battery is plugged-in.
Hello I have tried all the things y'all are saying to get my laptop on again and it's not working idk if I'm doing it wrong or what but it's really upsetting cuz I use my laptop alot it just shut off while on the net and won't turn on at all someone please help
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Dec 21, 2009 at 07:02 PM
For a dead HP unit your problem is different than no video issue posted initially.

But here is something you can try, and steps to verify if you should even start.

1: Make sure you see the blue ring around the DC jack light up. If this light is on- proceed.

Remove battery from back of the laptop
Remove cover under WiFi enclosure, and disconnect the CMOS battery.
Turn unit over to normal position
Hold the power button down for 30 sec. This will drain what ever settings are in the CMOS and
the cap that supply a charge to it. You can release the power button now.
Now hold the power button down again, and plug in the DC jack while continuing to hold the power button.

You should see the lights flash on briefly then go off. (This is rewriting the default settings to CMOS).
Turn the unit over, plug in the CMOS battery (& close cover). Install the main battery.

Turn the laptop on!

2: If there is no lighted ring around the power supply a front end MOSFET is out- Usually AO4407 -on the facing side of the mobo top right corner, above the power connector on DV6K, DV9K laptops.
3: If the green light on the power supply goes out -(if yours have one) when plugged in. It is usually the FDS6679 MOSFET on the top corner under black tape near the battery connector.

You can use a $5 ohmmeter set to read diodes and check MOSFETs between pins 2-3 for POS, and pins 6-7 for NEG. If the meter reads ~500 Ohms, reverse the leads and the meter should read infinity.
If the meter reads some resistance in both directions, the MOSFET is shorted.
If the meter reads no resistance in both directions, the MOSFET is open.

Note on MOSFETS: They are simple switches.
Pins 1,2,3 Source
Pin 4 GATE
Pin 5,6,7,8 Drain

When the GATE [pin 4] gets voltage, it closes the gate and power goes from Source to Drain. (on N-Channel)
When the GATE [pin 4] gets current, it closes the gate and current goes from Source to Drain. (on P-Channel)
Don't take this as a lesson, because I may have forgotten something from years ago- the other above information is known as true
Well the power on my toshiba woludn't work neither would the ethernet so I replaced the motherboard. took six hours, but I finally finished with the help of my friends Peaster and Hampton. It turns out when I put the memorey modules back in onne was askew causing the computer to constantly turn on and off. SOLUTION! I took of the back cover and reinserted the askew memory and it worked like a charm!
I have a toshiba a135 and I was having the same power problem mentioned. Just quit working one day. I would plug it up, and the plug light would come, but no battery light, no nothing
I did the upside down thing, only when I flipped it right-side up, plugged it in and then HELD THE POWER BUTTON DOWN FOR ANOTHER 30 SECONDS, it worked. Couldn't believe it!
Thanx for the help.
Boy I wanted the up-side-down method to work for my Satellite P35-S6292. I was doing some pretty odd things, *before* I found this thread, in order to power-up. So much so that I snapped the power button and had to dismantle the machine to super-glue it back in place (this model needs dismantling occasionally anyway to clear out the suffocating dust bunnies). But alas 30-sec-up-side-downing did not work for me...

BUT despite the fact that pressing the power button will still not [on its own] start this machine,..
If I press its 'Music CD Button' (i.e. the top [furthest back] media button) first and *then* press the power button - shazam! .. Glowing Blue Power Button Joy! At this point I don't care much why the power button doesn't work by itself, just so long as the voodoo of the past (e.g. plug-in-out cord whilst holding button, etc.) isn't required.
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Dec 22, 2009 at 01:53 AM
Actually it could be anything... from a broken power button, passing thru a worn-off battery, ending on a faulty motherboard.

First check if you have ANY indicator light lit when you plug the AC adapter in. If a light turns on, then the AC adapter is delivering correct power to the system, but there is other cause that doesn't allow to power on properly.

Try to power it on using only the AC adapter, removing the battery. Also don't rule out that the AC adapter itself could be failing... especially if it has frayed wires, has melted plastic, etc. In that case it is only that the battery is all drained. If someone has a laptop like yours, check on the label if the AC adapter delivers the same Watts, the same volts and the same Amperes. (say, your AC adapter coud be a 19.5V, 80W, xA) and try that adapter on your computer, with and without the battery.

It doesn't look like AC adapter/battery issue?

If you can and know how to open your computer... remove the keyboard, remove the memory modules, remove the optical drive and the hard drive, remove the wireless card and bluetooth card if it has it... for sure you can find manuals on how to do that over the internet. Close the computer and try to power it on. If it turns on, no matter how many error messages you can get, now you know that any of these components you removed could be guilty. So.. add them one by one... and try to power on the computer after adding each. if it suddenly doesn't turn on after adding one piece of hardware... Voila! There you have the guilty one.

But if ALL this has no effect... Jesus... The guilty is the system board (AKA motherboard)... you could either replace it or get a new computer, but it wiiiiiillll cost.

Good luck!!!

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Dec 22, 2009 at 02:58 AM
Thanks vivianli108,

My colleague has the exact model as we bought from the same vendor.

1st test
I tried her battery and & slot into my laptop and the result: My laptop did not turn on, the led did not light up. Then I slot my battery into her laptop and the result: Her laptop did not turn on either. Conclusion: My battery is faulty while hers is OK.

2nd test
I tried her adaptor & connected to my laptop (without battery) and the result: The same problem persisted. Conclusion: Both adaptors (mine & hers) are perfectly OK.

I'll send my laptop to my vendor first (before to Service Center) & shall let you know what would be the suspected problem(s). My laptop contains a lot of my office works and I never did any back-up (**silly me**). Is it possible to copy the hard drive into my colleague's laptop without having removing its bottom? Thank you.

Cheers!! (^-^)
My computer is also turning on and off. I have a Compaq, I did the trick it helped me turn it off but that was it. It still dose the on and off thing. Im wondering if any Compaq user found a solution to turn it on.
Akatsuki, you're the best. It worked immediately. How the hell would you know that?!!!! :)
superb advice thankyou very very much
i had problem with my Sony Vaio not powering up at all (no light etc). I tried everything (wiggling the power adapter, removing battery and pressing start, removing RAM), and occasionally it would start up and work for a few hours/days. Lately, it just wouldn't respond to any of these "fixes", so I read this site with much interest and tried the upside down fix but alas that had no success. Out of sheer desperation I just plugged an external monitor into the side of the laptop and the machine now starts up again, take the cable out and the machine instantly crashes. I don't know whether it's the effect of the external monitor, or just having the cable in the socket, as I haven't got a spare monitor cable to try it with (my monitor's cable is built in).
I guess it's not a practical solution, but it may help in an emergency!
Could be a short in your built-in screen. I found out my left hinge is broken, but I found that when it stopped powering up (shuts off immediately - fan and HDD come on then shut right off). I have tried the "upside down" thing to no avail. I swapped RAM in the slots. I tried to turn on with Media Center buttons and using the remote.
I think it is one of three things in MY case:

1) monitor shorting (need to try an external, and if it works then I know how to proceed. If not, then on to the next...)

2) Power Supply (checked voltage - 19.6VDC. Need to get a 4 Ohm resistor to check the current. If it doesn't read approx. 4.75A across the load, then I know the PS is bad. If it does read 4.75A, then I'm on to the next.)

3) Motherboard (if all of the above fail, then I will probably just go buy another laptop when I can afford it. Probably not an HP, although this HAS been a VERY hearty machine. Have had it for several years and it has seen it's use! It has also travelled all over the world with me and stood the test of time.)
well my hp dv9000 only lasted 1.5 years and cost 1400 dollars. I just bought a emachine at walmart for 348 dollars thats just as good as that HP junk. I also contacted the company and they could care less. There are so many websites dedicated to the lack of customer service HP offers. If you buy their products you are on your own. They do not even honor warrentees.