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I have a leenovo laptop.i am forgotten my bios I am bios password o.s. win xp-s-2.
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Lenovo T61 requires a specific software that only IBM got access too, it will
cost you about 55$ to make them remove it for you.

Nothing like remove the Bios battery will work.

The theory with the jumper under the DIMM is for PowerON password, not Bios.

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1. Go to Lenovo website
2. Download Bios update
3. HOpefuly it will give you the option to
put the files on a CD, like Phoenix tech

4. Good luck, im curious if it will work for
you, let me know. email Email Id removed for security

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Press F2 when your pc boot then go to your bios configuration and remove all password..

Otherwise I think that your can reset your motherboard.
i for got my toshiba satellite sm30-107 matherpoard passwoad
I want to Remove My Bios Pass Word (sony Vaio)
me also I want to remove bios administrator password teher is no way to reset it bios locked usb-hdd-dvdromm I cant access to bios seting also
compaq 6930p I have I cant use it I removed battery one week system has occured error 500 and again bios password ,led shift and numlock ligthing when dvdroomm running,it's bloking,it make me crazyyy
i want to remove wipro wivnb7710e bios password
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You can try this, I did it and it worked. You must be conversant with hardware to do this.i have two option of which I have tried one.

Solution 1.
Open you computer and try to locate where the BIOS Jumper is located, then remove it boot the machine without the jumper and the shut-it down, insert the jumper and boot again you will be able to access you BIOS setting without it requesting a password. Personally I haven't tried this.

Solution 2.
Remove the battery for some minutes (lets say 5 minutes) to drain out the power in the machine then power-on the machine but connect it to a source of power, don't insert the battery.If it doesn't work try this one out, I am very optimist it will because I have tried it myself.

Open the computer and try to locate where the CMOS Battery is (it looks like a very big watch battery), remove battery and then switch or power-on the machine without the battery. Then shut-down the machine and insert the battery (should be very careful in both removing and inserting the battery), then power on the machine this time if you decide to go to BIOS setup,. it wont ask for the password.

But I think you'll have to set the time/date in your BIOS.

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if you have bios update then flash the bios
lenovo laptops doesn't want bios password for flashing
after flashing your bios password will get removed
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English SOLUTION: open the computer, look for a 3 wire jumper called JCMOS, see that the jumper is located in 2 of the wires, take the jumper off and change the location of the jumper to the first wire and the middle one, then take it off again and put it like it was at the begining, that's it! Bios pass it's gone!
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how can I remove bios password I forget password on hcl laptop

can you please help me I have forget the bois password on HCL laptop and I am un able to login.

Please help

Deepak Shetty
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i have an laptop having bios password it never refer me to have any setting in it please give me solution.
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flashing the bios worked for me
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Hi Dude,
Download and burn to CD - Hiren's BootCD 9.9
Start PC and press F8 (or F10) to bring BootMenu
Boot from CD (Hiren's BootCD 9.9) and start
BIOS Pass Remover - That's All :)
still can't open bios password,,, u give solution like that. so any more solution again!!? please... the people said, that if u open bios password u must be give service tag number on ur laptop model,,, n than u get master password,,, so what can I do again ? give me the best solutions... thank u
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Hello bushwalker,

I have an T61 - but I don't see the two tracks that need to bridged...
Can You send me a picture or does't T61 have this two tracks?

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Ok I had the same problem on my Acer laptop. What I did is download the latest bios from the Acer. Did the flash bios update & it worked a treat. Thay may solve your problem.
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bought dell e6400 online unfortunatley it was pass worded thinking of selling it for parts but doubt i,ll get back what I paid for it ,need. some freindly advice ,tried cmos removal for 3 months sick of looking at it at this stage .is their any thing I can do with it seemed to be a shame to break it for parts as its very new looking thanx