Nokia 5130c-2 xpressmusic

teja - Jun 10, 2011 at 10:06 AM
 Mahdi - Jun 19, 2011 at 01:53 PM

plz solve my problem
i forgotten my security password of nokia 5130 express music?????????
i also forgotten my restore setting code???
it also showing music player is not enough memory even it having free space..
plz help me...thank u..

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the default security code for all nokia phone is 12345, in case you set a security code or a lock code to your phone, then the only solution is to take your phone to a nokia care point (repair centre) where they can reset the code for you or give you a new code
if you want to restore the factory settings of your phone go to the menu in your phone then settings then restore the factory settings, then restore only, but it will ask for the security code in order to finish the process
if the memory seems to be empty but it says it is full, you can go and delete some of your sent messages because they will be saved in the memory of the phone, then go to menu>application> and see if you have games or application try to delete some of them, if non of these were the issue then you need to update the soft ware of your phone
Hi Anand, you need to provide me by your phone model, so I can help you in your issue,
anyway, you either really have a memory card, in that case you need to go to the phone memory and delete some data, or you are facing a software issue, in this case you need to update the software of your phone, becarefull updating the software by the phone itself may cause you to lose all the data in the phone, so try to back up your data either to your memory card or to a computer before making a software update
this was a general talking, providing your phone model will get you more specific answer Anand
h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am anand from mumbai my nokia mobile not enough memory is saying plz say me why it. thanksssssssssssssss