CPU/GPU Problem! *HELP!*

Ady - Jun 11, 2011 at 08:24 AM
 Ady - Jun 16, 2011 at 06:48 AM
Hi there,

I was playing a game (WoW), when the screen instantly froze while also not letting me ctrl+alt+del. I decided to force restart the computer, and after restarting:


- No Boot/POST
- Graphics card fan, not spinning.
Still have power LED on the card, and MB LED shows that the slot is in use. Also I have signal to the monitor, but no display when powering on.
- No "Beep Codes", absolutely no beeps what-so-ever.
- All other fans, psu, HDD/DVD Writers/Roms still work and turn on as normal.
- Checked different troubleshooting methods, such as taking out RAM and test with different, modules. Also removed all plug-n-play devices.
- Everything running at stock values (Never overclocked)

- Thermal Take Armor 3 Case
- 1000W Hyper-M PSU (SLI)
- 8GB Corsair Dominator XMS 2 (PC8500 1066MHZ)
- 2 x WD 500GB HDD's
- BFG OC Geforce gtx280
- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 with G0
- MSI P7N-Diamond Rev 1.0
- Soundblaster x-fi Xtreme Audio PCI-E
- OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

(Dont have any other processor or graphics card to test)

I am thinking that it could be down to a burnt processor?? But not quite sure. Torn inbetween that, and it being the graphics card....as the fan isnt spinning. I dont know if this is normal to happen when a processor goes?
If anyone could shed a little light to this issue, id be grateful. Just didnt want to spend money out on the wrong part, If can help it. If it is the processor then this is the second time, as ive had to RMA one of these before.
(RMA in Process, just in-case)

Many thanks for reading this.

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remove power cable for just 2 minutes than try again.
Ty for the reply. Ive tried all this. Still nothing.
The only thing, if the processor was gone, the computer would turn off fast. Whereas, its turning off as normal. I dont have any onboard graphics which is a pain to test it. But leaning more towards the graphics card at the moment.
Still not sure why im not recieving any beep codes (speaker is in)
check the processor fan.if you turn on ur computer ur prcessor fan working or not
Processor fan is working fine with all other fans apart from the graphics one.