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No image appears on my monitor. Computer starts up, power supply fan works. CPU fan also works fine. Attached side panel fan is also working. Drive sounds as if working. Boot sounds to start working (no 'beep' though). But no image. Monitor says, it's working fine, check connection. Well, Connection is fine. Can't check BIOS if I can't get an image. Is there anyone out there who can help?

System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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The problem is always due to the graphic card failure. I have a lot of experience with this problem.

It's simple as this.
  • 1. If you have an external graphic card and you get this problem. Then probably your graphic cards busted.
  • 2. If you have an integrated graphic card and you get this problem. Well, Sorry but its about time you replace your motherboard. Integrated graphics are not fixable.
  • 3. If its the external problem. Then switch to the integrated graphic card (Thats if you have one) or get a new graphics card either with your warranty (if its valid) or buy one.

Other Solutions:
  • 1. This solution is for external graphic card holders only. This problem is very common due to dust residing on the graphic card/graphic card slot. Just take out the graphic card, and with a paint brush clean the metal parts and the graphic card slot. Be very careful when doing so as this slot are very delicate. Would suggest you to not follow this.
  • 2. This problem may occur if you computer heats up very much.
    • Clean up the insides of your PC with a paint brush at least once a month. (Due to Dust)
    • Try hooking up an extra cooling fan to your PC to reduce the heat.
    • Keep your PC in a well ventilated area such as close to a window.
    • If your PC is a expensive one, try installing a liquid cooling system to it. May at least cost 300$.

Hope this helps!
Thank you

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it isn't necessary to change the motherboard, just put in a graphics card.
This fixed it for me
This happened for me and it was a problem with my memory card.
It isn't always necessarily the graphics card. I'm currently having the same issue right now and I've tried different graphics cards and still no avail. I'm thinking it might either be my Memory cards or my motherboard itself. Yes memory can affect your computer with display
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this tread is kind a bit old but I v got the same issue and I solved my problem here is what to do

this come from a currupt bios for me. All the fan is spinning I got light in my keyboard mousse dvd rom and diskdrive but the display won't open.
it can be different thing so try this to see if it help

first take out your ram and start the systeme "always take the main cord off the case before touching anything
on the motherboard"
if the systeme start making some "beep" its a good new so put back your ram .if you don't ear nothing ,maybe there is no case speaker or your motherboard might have a problem.

now unplugged your dvd/cd rom and start your system.if you see no change yet this is not the problem
after that try it whit your disk drive.

now look in your motherbord ,there suppose to be there "near the cpu" a 4 pin wire ,2 yellow and 2 black
see if it s connected properly.

if you have done all this and you dont found your problem, you should reset the motherboard

searche for a round batery on the mobo,take it out for almost 5 or 6 minutes no 10 minutes is better and don't forget to take out the main cord before.after you wait 10 good minutes put the mobo batery back and start the system to see what happen.

i hope you gonna solved your problem
didnt think it would work for me but it did! thanks!

Yea I had the very same problem tried other graphics cards diffrent psu then read your post and the 4x2atx was just out of its holder. works a treat again. thanks to you. Many thanks.

make sure that all drivers are installed correctly,your gpu will start in 8bit colors, then follow ur instructions...
I pulled out my ram and nothing I pulled out my dvd drive and bam its back to normal thsnks heaps man just saved me a hundred bucks
wow u r great.. I 1st removed my ram and nothing happend. Then I removed my dvd rom and suddenly whole system back into life..after formatting my pc is running now like a new one..thanks man. But why did it happend..
Step 1 : Just replace ur power supply inside ur cpu with other one! Now ur bios will work.

Step 2 : Go to bias setting. Disable the overloaded option.

Step 3 : Now connect previous supply and Enjoy
Im using dell inspiron 6400 laptop..Im having a problem where the monitor completely blank even I tried to used the external monitor via vga port..When I press the power button, hard disk and cd drive can hear spinning for a second only. after that nothing and only the power LED turns on.

i had tried to dismantle the laptop to check whether the cable of the monitor loose. I also tried to change ram.Still cannot work. I need help from anyone to fix my problem?
I have the same problem I took all the stuff still nothing a bought a new mother board still nothing all I can see is the fans spinning and hdd lights up plus the power led and cd/dvd driver are opening n spining as well my mouse n keyboard are connected via usb so they dont light up.... now I dont have case speaker dono what it beeps I didnt try a new cpu coz it could be that the cpu is fried up.....
I had exactly the same problem with a new PC (E6300 CPU Dual Core) connected to a 5 year old LG 1915S screen. When I booted from cold (i.e. after all off for 3 or 4 hours) the BIOS logo flashed very briefly and Windows 7 flashed briefly but then the display stayed black even though I could hear the login screen tune play. Rebooting after leaving everything on for 10 minutes to get warm gave a perfectly normal startup and everything ran OK for as long as the PC was left on. The LG screen had worked fine for about 5 years on my old setup with a different motherboard and AMD 1600+ CPU.

I swapped PSU, graphics card, drives, memory chips (swapped slots) and then updated the Foxconn BIOS. Nothing had any effect. I checked and swapped cables and BIOS settings without success. I even swapped the motherboard from Foxconn to Asus as a last resort but that had no effect either.

Then (as I should have done earlier perhaps) I swapped monitors, using my daughters 2 year old 15" Dell unit on both analogue and digital connections. SUCCESS! That worked fine on both connections, so the PC boots from stone-cold with the normal BIOS and Windows screens appearing.

Conclusions? It looks as if the older LG 1915S cannot cope with changes in, or speed of, the latest motherboards and CPU. I have emailed LG and am waiting for a response but it looks to me as if I shall have to get a new screen.
i tried to run safe mode after reseting the browsers defaults because they where not working at all. I followed some simple rules to get rid of this problem and the last of them was to restart the computer and run safe mode. I did this but after I hit F8 the screen has been blank for hours now but everything else works the ligts the fans and even the noise at the the end of the boot where you pick which user your going to go with. I cant see anything and when ive tried F8 or F11 it does nothing, that I can see, so I'm completely blind. Please send me sopme steps asap. Thanks Dave
It must be a problem with the Intel GMA located in the Desktop. I connected a monitor and went into INTEL GMA (a video handler) and switched from monitor to notebook - single user and the screen comes back up so it isnt the screen - it must be video drivers. The notebook screen remains up for a few seconds and then goes black as the INTEL inspiron switches back over to Monitor as primary display.
I have a similar problem, except that my pc uses PCI-Express. So I bought the PCI-e X16 graphic card and after connecting my monitor to the new installed card I still do not get an output, is there anything I need to do to enable the card output like ALT+F4?

Please advice
With a lot of newer pci-e cards you need a powerful enough power supply to make it output. And also some require a special 6 prong power connector from the psu. Make sure you have enough power first off by checking the specs on the card. Normally on the back of the box it came in it says minimum requirements. Atleast a 450 is most likely required...and on top of that you may need the gpu power connector as mentioned above. Make sure you meet requirements...and that should fix your output issue as Ive had the seen this issue before.
> Spazz
i got a new graphics card with a fan on it, and I just want to know what the name of the cord is that I need to supply enough power to it. is it the 6 prong one you were talking about? my graphics card is a geforce 9800 gtx+. I only have one power supply cord plugged into it right now. the cord I am using has two ends on it but I could only plug one of them up. Tx :-)
Check the RAM replace the ram with a new one and it might work..........
I have a bit similar Problem is that my graphic card is not giving display to monitor even though it is plugged in and the display is coming from integrated graphic card . Confusing thing is that when I open my P.C and remove my Graphic card AND PLUG IT again it starts giving display and everything works fine but as soon as I shut down my P.C the same problem starts again .

im using Windows 7 , my Graphic Cars is Gforce 9500 ( 1 GB )
first of all check power connection
check monitor button
remove ur RAM and rub it with eraser and than change the slots
check display card