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No image appears on my monitor. Computer starts up, power supply fan works. CPU fan also works fine. Attached side panel fan is also working. Drive sounds as if working. Boot sounds to start working (no 'beep' though). But no image. Monitor says, it's working fine, check connection. Well, Connection is fine. Can't check BIOS if I can't get an image. Is there anyone out there who can help?

System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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The problem is always due to the graphic card failure. I have a lot of experience with this problem.

It's simple as this.
  • 1. If you have an external graphic card and you get this problem. Then probably your graphic cards busted.
  • 2. If you have an integrated graphic card and you get this problem. Well, Sorry but its about time you replace your motherboard. Integrated graphics are not fixable.
  • 3. If its the external problem. Then switch to the integrated graphic card (Thats if you have one) or get a new graphics card either with your warranty (if its valid) or buy one.

Other Solutions:
  • 1. This solution is for external graphic card holders only. This problem is very common due to dust residing on the graphic card/graphic card slot. Just take out the graphic card, and with a paint brush clean the metal parts and the graphic card slot. Be very careful when doing so as this slot are very delicate. Would suggest you to not follow this.
  • 2. This problem may occur if you computer heats up very much.
    • Clean up the insides of your PC with a paint brush at least once a month. (Due to Dust)
    • Try hooking up an extra cooling fan to your PC to reduce the heat.
    • Keep your PC in a well ventilated area such as close to a window.
    • If your PC is a expensive one, try installing a liquid cooling system to it. May at least cost 300$.

Hope this helps!
When I start the computer I can get image on the monitor only if I proceed with 'safe mode'. How do I get the image when I open in 'Normal mode'?
Yeah, good list. I am having this problem as well. I have an external graphics card. Your card might not be busted if you have this problem. Look at it carefully and you might find like me that it needs to be plugged into the motherboard as well as go into the slot. On my graphics card there's a small 2 pin hole thing which needs to probably connect to the motherboard. It took me a while to find. Just a piece of advice if you're experiencing the same problem.
I have change the setting cmos setup in vga display (disable ) no display come so plz how can I solve this problem and change setting again properly
Boot in safe mode
go to display options and change your screen resolution. this usually happens if your monitor cannot support your resolution. change to 800X600. That should do it
it isn't necessary to change the motherboard, just put in a graphics card.