My laptop screen goes completely white

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Hello, I had this Acer Z280 model and while I'm watching a live news it suddenly went white completely without anything on the screen.So I shut it down by pressing the power button and start it over and over again but it goes the same thing( white screen and nothing can be seen on it) yet I can hear the start up sound of the laptop. I don't know why, how could I turn it back to the normal screen.

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The LCD screen turns whitte due to this reasons..........

1. Loose connection between the video cable and the LCD screen.
2. Defective LCD screen.
3. Defective motherboard ( assume the graphics card is integrated into the motherboard).

You have written that you listen the start up sound so your mother board is ok!

You can fix the problems by checking those cables......If you are not welled known better to go to the repair center.........

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