Sims 3 base game crashes after update [Closed]

 fandelasketchup -
I've been play the sims 3 as well as all the expansion packs (except outdoor living and generations) for 2 years on my laptop perfectly fine UNTIL i got outdoor living asoon as i installed it all my problems started the game updated, and i started getting corrupt game files and went on the tech support and they fixed it, but then my game started crashing everytime i pressed play down it went. so i tried taking all the expansion packs off, it still did the same thing, then i completely reinstalled the sims 3 base game and updated...still no luck, so i tried just installing base game and said no to version 1.66... and it works perfectly WITHOUT the updates. But now i cant use my expansion packs and i've spent alot of money on the store and i cant use that either. I've spoken to 7 tech support people on live chat AND had a technician guy look at it and even he's baffled it is not my laptop (which ea keep implying it is) i've done everything! ive been trying to fix it since february! I regret ever getting outdoor living stuff. But my friends got generations and that that is update 8.55... could this new update fix it??? PLEASE HELP i think EA games have really messed it up this time and THEY need to fix it!! PS its done the same on my sisters laptop except her's was brand new!

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If you're using a torrent-downloaded game, we can't help you. However, if you're using the original disc, uninstall everything and reinstall.