Sims 3 keeps crashing

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Wednesday July 3, 2013
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July 3, 2013
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I've had this problem for a while, i'll be playing my game for like a couple minutes and then it'll either freeze up and i'll have to close it with out saving, or it'll just close down on its own. I don't really download anything so it can't be because of that. i've tried almost everything. I can't uninstall and reinstall everything because I don't have all of my games any more so that would just suck. I have Windows 7, if that helps. help me please?

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Wednesday September 3, 2014
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September 3, 2014
Hey try right clicking the sims icon on the desktop and going to properties.

Once you're there go to the compatibility tab and change the format that the game runs in. I had it running on windows xp mode or something and so when I changed it to windows 7, I haven't had a crash yet. I hope this helps!
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i have a hybrid dell idk what that is?! but i messing around with what u said ill hopefully get it to work soon.
Go to Control panel
System and Security
Advanced System Settings
Performance > Settings
Data Execution Prevention
Then click the second option and turn off dep for sims launcher and expansions packs.
i acnt find dep
well done it help
I have the same problem but I'm unsure of how this solution works. DEP, according to Windows Help and Support, "is a security feature that can help prevent damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats. Harmful programs can try to attack Windows by attempting to run (also known as execute) code from system memory locations reserved for Windows and other authorized programs. These types of attacks can harm your programs and files.

DEP can help protect your computer by monitoring your programs to make sure that they use system memory safely. If DEP notices a program on your computer using memory incorrectly, it closes the program and notifies you." - Quoted from Windows Help and Support, What is Data Execution Prevention?

That is saying, that if it (DEP) is to stop, and close The Sims 3, then it would also notify you that it has done so. I haven't seen one person post about the DEP notifying them that the DEP closed The Sims 3.

However, if I am wrong, I give my greatest apologies and hope everyone finds a solution to this problem. Have a great rest of the day.

Kitzz =^_^=
kitzz I am with you
It won't let me, I try to select sims 3 but all it says is "No such interface supported"

i did get it off of Steam, would that make a difference?
Yeah, that happens to me too, it usually happens to people on laptops so if you re doing that, it might be the reason, The Sims 3 is a powerful game unlike others, so it won't be able to handle well on any system, it even crashes on $5000 gaming systems, the game is unstable and that's Maxis's fault, so it's inevitable and nobody can help you, just blame EA and Maxis for making the game too powerful.
sims 4 is fine the system has been developed
@Ryan1mc3 How Do You Change The Properties Of The Game Launcher?
On your home page right click on origin and choose properties
Im going to try

I use sims 3 on xbox 360 and its been working fine untill just now. It works untill I want to save then it just freezes up and I have to switch the xbox off??? its so annoying because I have to redo all my work for it to just not save agaim
All I had to do was close off my wifi, and it worked flawlessly!
now that's not true. you just need the right requirements to actually run it. the game often crashes because the ram or the graphics card or anything like that doesn't support the game.
Show me proof?
my game is above pc spec so it run sim 3 fine

I have enough RAM and my graphics card has been updated, so that is not the problem because the game still crashes on me. I however have windows 8.1, and have been told that the new update for it was the reason my game keeps crashing and until windows fixes it, there is nothing much I can do. (my husband is an I.T tech)
Its simple! You need a ton of of space on your hard drive like 25gb+ so it can handle auto saving.
I have 600GB of space on my hard drive and it still crashes, so. No.
I dont think The sims 3 has been made compatible with windows 8 yet, so theres your problem.
It always used to work with Windows 8 and even worked once I updated my computer to 8.1. It just recently started having this problem.