External monitor to broken laptop screen Help

queensuri - Aug 1, 2011 at 10:45 AM
 Anonymous User - Aug 3, 2011 at 05:24 PM

I am having a problem. My laptop LCD screen broke and I don't have the money to replace it, but what I do have is a extra Monitor. I hooked my laptop up to this monitor and it is mirroring what the broken screen looks like (a mess of yellow and green colors). I can't see what I am doing with the screen broken, and I wanted to know if there was any buttons I could press to make a regular screen show up on the external monitor so I can use my laptop. I have a Dell vostro 1000. Please help. Thank you.

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Aug 3, 2011 at 01:58 PM

The video drivers and display settings are configured for the LCD (which is broken). So when Windows tries to send a picture to the monitor, it is being sent but it has properties that the monitor cannot display. When you try to boot in normal mode, do you get a picture on the external monitor to a certain point and then it goes out? Do you get the Windows logo and the scrolling bar, but after a bit it goes black? If so, then what I described is what the problem is. When Windows loads the video driver, you lose the picture. How to fix it? Boot in safe mode and uninstall the driver from the device manager. Then reboot in normal mode and Vista should re-install it using default settings for the monitor you have hooked up to it. Be sure you have a current driver on a CD before you remove it just in case Vista doesn't automatically install it when you reboot in normal mode. Some laptops also have a setting in BIOS that determines the main/default display. The settings might look something like this: "LCD>CRT" is one setting with "CRT>LCD" being it's other option; or it might look like "CRT/LCD" or it might say something like "Init display :" followed by LCD or CRT.... be sure you set it to CRT if you have an option.
Anonymous User
Aug 3, 2011 at 05:24 PM

Hook up the external monitor to your laptop and press the "Fn+F5" combinaison to transfer the display to your monitor.

Good Luck!