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ohnoezmahemailz - Aug 7, 2011 at 12:23 PM
 Anonymous User - Aug 7, 2011 at 01:12 PM
A few days ago my windows live hotmail account was blocked ever since then i never got it unblocked and have never been able to read my emails, i don't know if my account has been hacked or something but i really need it back everytime i try to login i just that screen saying my account has been blocked and what to do about it, it also says that i can unblock my account by logingin using the computer i registered to windows live, which is one i try to login in every single time, that page also has a [contact support] button which appears to reload the page everytime you press it, instead of actually doing what you might think it does.
I've heard that there's some sort of "blocked account/hacked account epidemic" or something going on, but i just found out about this today.
I'd really appreaciate some answers for i have run out of both patience and ideas to deal with this.

Please answer (also please excuse any possible typos because i am not english)

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Anonymous User
Aug 7, 2011 at 01:12 PM
Individual accounts are presently under attack by hackers. Follow the instructions I gave, it's the only way. Many users have reported that it may take at least a week to get a reply.

Here is how to recover your account and there is no other way.

Your MSN/Hotmail Account has been hacked!

If your MSN Account has been hacked, go to MSN email support:

You have to give all informations about your problem and about your identity:
* Your e-mail (the "Windows Live ID").
* Your first name and full name.
* Your date of birth (month / day / year).
* Your country.
* The state, province or department in which you reside.
* Your zip code.
* The IP address of each computer used to access your account, or the most commonly used. To find your IP address, visit :
* The answer to your secret question (if you don't remember it, notify it).
* Emergency address email registered for this account (if no emergency address, notify it).
* Your Internet service provider (at work or at home).
* The date and approximate time of your last login.
* The information below:
o For Windows Live Hotmail user :
? Examples of files names which you created in addition to those existing by defect
? Examples of contacts contained in your address book.
? Examples of old email titles contained in your inbox folders or messages.
o For Windows Live Messenger user :
? Examples of contacts contained in your contact list.
? The nickname under which you appear on Windows Live Messenger.
VERY IMPORTANT ! Write your request in a clear and understandable English, avoiding the SMS language, spelling and abbreviations !

? Remember this is the only way you can expect to recover your account!