Keyboard locked up: how to unlock it ?

 Petro772 -

My car put its paws on the right hand side of my Dell laptop. However, everything works fine except he keyboard. When I try to type in text, there is nothing but a "blip" sound.

I think it hit a lock keyboard combination. How do I unlock?

System Configuration: iPad / Safari 6533.18.5

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Try this
  • Unplug your battery, power supply, keyboard and all the peripherals.
  • Push the power button for 30 seconds.
  • Reconnect everything back and restart the PC

I don't think there is a combination to lock a keyboard.

Hope, it helps!
Thank you! It worked.
Anonymous User > Lily
Happy that it worked

You ROCK!!!!!! even 3 years later that advice still works! BAD KITTY!!!!!!
It's 2015 now, my mom just locked her laptop keyboard and I found this. She tried - and it worked!! Thank you! :-)
11/13/15. Found my cat sitting on my keyboard, why do they always do that ? And, he locked the keyboard. This tip only took a minute & worked perfectly. Thank you !
try the windows key + spacebar before removing battery and/or rebooting. it works for me everytime.
worked great tahnks!
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Thank you, Anon. - cat is heat-seeking and more savvy than me :-/ but your tip worked a treat. :-)
I had the same thing happen. (mine was my kids not our car lol) but this also worked for me. THANK YOU DO MUCH
Clearly my cat has outsmarted all of you because none of these option work :)