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 Annie -

Received one issue on 22-Sep-11, the turnaround time to solve this issue is 6 working days therefore the Expected date of Closure is 29-Sep-11, excluding sunday-the non-working day. Would appreciate if you could please provide me the correct formula in MS Excel to find the escalation day as on 3-Oct-2011. 3 will be the correct answer as i need to exclude Sunday.
Please help.
Networkdays formula will not do as it is excluding Saturday as well as Sunday. HOwever i only need to exclude Sunday.

Would appreciate if anyone could helpme out ASAP.

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a1 has entry 9/29/11
b1 has entry 10/3/11

you can format as you like

in empty cell type formula


you will get 3
Dear Venkat,

In my case I have only data for issue received date i.e A1-9/29/11 and TAT for its closure of the particular issue is 6 working Days i.e B1- 6, Now i need to find out what is my closure date or the escalation column- which means how many days are in my hand to solve the issue. Kindly help on urgent basis. Thanks.