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I have a master spreadsheet to collate data from spreadsheets filled in by my colleagues.
Column b is 'Transaction Type' and I want to provide a dropdown list on the input sheets based on a named list in my master called Transactions. This list is subject to change and I don't want to have to update on each individual input spreadsheet.
Data Validation doesn't allow me to link to another workbook. Can anyone suggest a way round this?

Many Thanks.

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Just pull the data from one workbook to another.

Workbook 1: select empty cell, type: =
Workbook 2: select the cell you wish to see in woorkbook 1 and hit enter.

The value of workbook 2 is now visible in workbook 1.

Now you can create a dropwdown list.

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Thanks Trowa,

I'm up and running now. I didn't realise the source list has to be in the same book.

I appreciate your help.

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