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Hello, I recently purchased monster jam pc game but my logitech wingman formula force gp wheel and pedals wont work pc has way more than the min. requirements for this game.I emailed support for activision but they told me this game does not have third party support,which doesnt make any sense that this great game can only be controlled by keyboard.Can anyone recommend a wheel/pedal combo or solution that will work with this game? My 4 yr old loves this game but the steering with my wheel is sooooo slow and gas pedal doesnt work at all. If no fix is out there can someone recommend a good monster truck pc game that does offer third party support? Thank you for any help.

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what are the cotrols of monster
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I have the same problem with my steering wheel and 4 year old. It will work with a joystick but not with a steering wheel and pedals. They have a patch that is suppose to fix this problem but I tried the patch and it doesn't work.

I have one of the most popular steering wheels around. A Momo Racing by Logitech. Activision supports it in their other games, such as "Hot Wheels Racing" but not this one? What gives Activision? No wonder the price for the PC version has dropped so low. How in the world can a gaming company release a racing game without steering wheel support? Just plan stupidity on their part.

This one glaring error causes this game to get 2 thumb down from me.
Try "TOCA3". I'm sure you won't regret it.
I think you should get monster jam urban assault it has much better quality
ohh very nice