Can you overload a desktop with too much RAM?

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 Simon -
I've got an intel (R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.50GHz and 1.96GB of RAM, can I add more RAM or with it overload the processor?

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You can never overload your CPU or damage your computer having too much RAM.
You can have as much RAM as you want (eg. 32GB of RAM) and your computer will just use what it needs.

Also remember though Windows XP 32-but will only recognize 3.5GB of RAM on your machine, the rest will be sitting there unused unless you upgrade to a 64-bit operation system.
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No it will not overload the CPU. 2 GB works nicely with Windows XP you will not get much "bang-for-the-buck" with a memory upgrade.
You need to check if you have open motherboard memory slots and that the motherboard supports more than 2 GBs of memory.
If all your memory slots are currently used then you will need to remove some of your current memory modules and add larger ones. Or you may have one of those boards with 2 SDRAM slots and 2 DDR slots (normally 2 GB max) - you can only use one type of memory and can't fill all the slots in that type of board.

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