Problem with uninstalling Nero 7 on Vista

 Manoj -
i have downloaded Nero 7 on my Vista but it wasn't a compatible version i couldn't copy DVDs. Anyway i have tried to uninstall it but an error is always there and i can't install a newer version so anyone can help me with this? is there any other program that i might use to copy DVDs and CDs?

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i got problem to uninstall nero 7 demo. the explanantion is, my shellmanager database is corrupt or missing.
any other way to unistall my nero 7 demo. Tks
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i am having the same problem and i still didn't have the solution but u can install a new software like Ashampoo Buring Studio 6; it works easily and works as well on Vista; till you find out how u can uninstall nero
hi termiamino...

regarding your problem of uninstalling Nero... just go to ther site, and download tools and utilities called the Nero clean tool for each nero version. after you downloaded it double click on the downloaded file and run it. just follow the uninstallation process... there you go..everything is clean and install the updated version..

hope this can help you
i have solution . you are install revosetup.exe and uninstall nero useing this software
Hi dude,
U have a option that first restore ur system then uninstall it. U also unistall in safe mood.
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download Ashampoo Burning Studio free edition from this site:
thank you
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in order to unistall programs having similar probs

start u system in safe mose and then uninstall the software

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