Broken laptop won't connect external monitor

 jeet -

My mom has an Acer Aspire 5320-2274 laptop whose screen isn't displaying anything (my guess is a bad contact in the LCD)...I'm trying to connect it to an external monitor so I can transfer all her files onto an external hard drive.

My problem is that when I connect the laptop to the monitor, it only works until Windows XP loads...then it's like the monitor can't detect the laptop anymore...

I've tried just about any key combination I could think of but nothing's working. If you could help, it would be really appreciated :)

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try to reseat the harddrive
try to interchange the ram from the ram slots
try to run comuter with one ram if it works fine or if nt thn try to run the computer with other ram
u can try this this can fix your issue'

Thank you

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