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 bob -

i think I got a virus. I was on Firefox when my computer spontaneously shut down. When I try to restart it the computer tries to restart but then shuts down again within a few seconds. The computer doesn't even have time turn the screen on again before it shuts down. Please help!

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soon as your pc boots start pressing f-12 then reboot from last known good configuration
Thank you

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thanks, got my laptop working again, thanks to you.
my laptop won't go on the internet browser what do I do?
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Hi, my laptop will not start either. A few months ago something was spilt all over it, since I dried and cleaned it out its been working relatively well. Then all of the sudden nothing. The lights turn on and the fan goes but nothing no startup. I cant even get to the dos mode. I have an HP G60. Any information or tips you could give me would be very appreciated, I'm at the end of the line here.
Thanks a lot,
my laptop is also a hp G60, I accidentally left it on all night on a soft surface, and now it wont turn on, I mean the on light turns on but the screen remains empty, black. Do you have any tips?
I think I have the same problem. No matter how many times I push the start button, my laptop sounds like it's about to start and then shuts off. There is nothing on the monitor (the monitor does not even come on), but I can hear the fan. Were you able to figure out a solution to this problem? I appreciate any advice you can give.

Thank you!

Hello guys, I got the same problem just last night , I left my hp dv6338 downloading some stuff and yesterday morning I left it turn off before go to work, when I came the computer didn't turn on, I could see just the light that flashing for a 1 second and then nothing happen, I tried to take out the battery and turn on the computer again and nothing happen, but guess what tonight I'm typing from my laptop, just try this, press down the power button and hold it down, and then with the button press down , press F12 , and vuala the computer will boot normaly, I'm trying to find out why this happened, I hope you can fix you problem.

you are a star, try his solution its works
hey, we have the same dumb problem. its starting to happen more often. do you think the pc is gettg too hot?
i ran avg scans and no viruses, only spyware that im getting ready to get rid of.
wb, and let me know how its going with your pc.
anyone have any thoughts on this problem, let me know....
on subject type in : laptop answer

Oh my goodness dude, I jusstt read your reply to one of the "laptop won't start" forums and it was hilarious, especially the "holy shit, it works!!" part. But let me tell you, you are one of the few lucky ones that it happened to. My laptop has not started back on since a week. I tried difference chargers but it just doesn't start on. I don't know what to do. Oh well, just thought I'd stop by to say that I loveed your response...
> Sami
Well Sami,you must have some amazing breath because I blew into mine and got nothing!!!!Must be morning breath.humph!Well mine still doesn't want to do anything really.I push the power button and power light comes on,fan kicks on for about 20 secounds,screen stays black,and then everything shuts down.Tried the f8,and the f12 trick too no avail.I have a HP nc6000 if that helps.
> Flustered
anyone who has the black screen/restart problem, you probs need a new battery. try taking out the battery and starting it plugged in. worked for me
you do NOT need a new battery. it's a problem with HP Pavillion motherboards. If you're lucky enough to qualify, HP will fix it for free.
If not, the repair's $300. In that case, I recommend a new laptop (NOT AN HP).
Me too!! HP fixed this problem a year ago for free while the notebook was in for the broken hinge defect. No cost to me. Still, a year later the "no start" problem suddenly shows up again. My wife has a Compaq with Vista problems buth HP won't give a free upgrade due to the notebook was purchased a few months prior to the qualifying date. So I have purchased an Acer from WalMart for with 2 years extended service for only $530 with a 17 inch screen and 2.2GHZ,3GB,64BIT,WINDOWS7. When the manufacturers deny reasonable fixes to a problem such as replacing a faulty operating system like Vista free of charge or using short life motherboards, then I am done with them forever. Dell was good 10 years ago, HP no longer, CompaqHP, greed; response to Vista problem. Let's see how Acer performs. If it lasts with warranty help for 3years only, then it will only have cost me less than a dollar a day.............It runs my FSX Flight Simulator so I am happy, and that is without a video card...just integrtated graphics........what progress!!!
I have a presario HP laptop which is less than 1 year old. I was on the internet and it froze. I managed to turn it off by having to disconect power and battery. When I tried to turn it back on the fan would sound, the lights would come on and then after a few seconds it would turn itself off. It would then repeat the process again and again. The screen would constantly remain blank I took it to PCworld who believe it is the motherboard. Does anyone think that this could be a correct diagnosis or should I be trying something else?
> Tony
Hey im 15 and have a toshiba tecra 9000 laptop I was on msn my laptop was workin fine when suddenly it made a weird noise and froze? I turned it off and it wouldnt come back on it jsut keeps flashing orange constantly even now and its been like a week and I took the battery out and it was still flashing orange I read here something about putting the motherboard in the fridge? Please can any of you help il try any tips please cause my ma got it fixed like a year agao and it was like 200 euro and shel flip if she finds out it aint workin please help please thanks my names luke by the way so if your replyin to me il know by my name lol well thanks id really appreciate it
Hi Tony,

It worked!!! I put 2 q-tips taped together, taped on the on off button, closed the top for about 15 minutes, then the computer finally turned off at that time. I restarted and I can say, yes, you are a genius. I am back online. Thanks for the hint. My computer had been down for about a week and I was ready to go pay supergeeks to fix.

> Tony
Hi Tony,
I have pretty much the same problem as Janet & I did replace my motherboard but even with the new motherboard it kept crashing- only LED lights come on- after a couple days and I think it's cause I haven't updated the bios.
I tried your genius trick with the Qtip and I got it to start (I was SOO HAPPY!) but after logging in the screen flickers and returns to the black/blank screen (soooo sad)
Do you happen to have any solutions/advice for my HP dv2890 laptop?
Thank you for the few minutes of joy!
HP has an "Limited Warranty Service Enhancement" offer going on. Many, many HP laptops are having problems. HP is offering free repair and shipping on a lot of their laptops if your problem fits into the group of manufacturing issues. I found a full list of the laptops in this group. Http:// If this document does not open for you, go to and search " HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement" Please pass this on because sssssoooooo many people are having this problem.
Hi just got my HP back ftom HP , they changed the motherboard and the CPU and did a BIOS update ,,,,,guess what,,,,it still taking 6 attempts to start up ,,,guess what going back , should have stuck to my 6 year old ibook , it works better
Ok I have a compaq laptop.

when I hit the power button.

The computer starts up (you can hear the hard drive and fan start) but then it shuts off right away.
then it starts again, then it shuts off. then again (like its going on, off on, off, on off.

does this for a long long time. never starts the windows or goes into the bio's.

I remove the bat, and power to stop it from doing this.

then I try again. same thing. so I do my steps over. try again. this time it worked.

now im on the laptop no prob even using it to type this message.

but I know as soon as I power down. it will take me a long time to get it to stop the (on off on off)

so what do I do in that case?
Your laptop is probably overheating, which means the solders points on the graphic processor are damage by now. But it can be fix it is a long process
Same problem with an HP Pavillion dv9000 laptop. I took it out in the cold garage, blew it out with the air compressor, took it back in and it started up. Before that couldn't get it to power up on battery or AC, blue lights would come on, it would make a little noise for a few seconds, and power off, no bios/os/screen at all.
That has been happening to me as well, I got so frustrated one night because it had been over a monmth since my laptop was able to boot, so I sorta hit the bottom of it, turned it on, nothing happened, just the stupid lights turning on. then I turned it off and decided to place my mouth directly on the vents leading to the harddrive and memory card and blew semihot air into it. I ddidnt think it would work and turned on the laptop again and was about to chuck it on the floor when all of a sudden I could hear the harddrive whirring and I was like "holy shit, it works!!!"
I'm having a similar problem with my hp pavilion laptop, its been going on for about a week now. Whenever I close it when I'm done with it and come back to go on it, it is a black screen but has all the lights on so I then have to restart it and it usually takes it anywhere from 10-15 different tries to sucessfully start up and then when I go on firefox it won't remember any of my passwords or anything. I have to do this every single time I want to use it any suggestions? thank you! :-)
Hi everybody! I have the same problem on my sisters HP dv2000 laptop (1year old laptop) I have to turn it on and back 1-10 times to boot up. does anybody have any idea how to fix this. I took out hard drive and memory but it was the same. So I guess HDD and DDR are not the problem. There is fresh system restore cause I tought that there might by some virus or so. thank you :)
I to am having the same problem... first off if I let it loop for about 20 mins it will boot.. so I did a complete computer disassembly removing dust dirt grime anything and replaced the thermal paste and pads scraped the heat sink gunk off and clean all the parts with duster made sure all the connections were in place and tight.. and after about the whole 45 minute process after it was all put back together I tried booting and still the same problem so I called HP and they isolated it to the motherboard so I am going to buy one off ebay for about 140... unless your pretty amazing at circuitry and can isolate motherboard burns or anything like that I would suggest to buy a new motherboard off ebay hp charges 399 for the board thats not including service fees and all that
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i just finished reassembling my HP pavillion ZX 5000, But the problem is sill there. Power turns on, blue power lights show up but there is no sign of activity. the screen is dark and cant even get to BIOS. I tested the hard drive on another computer and it works fine. At one point I removed the extra memory and when I replaced it similar thing happened but it worked after 2-5 on/off trials...but this time I made like 10-15 on/off trails, still not working...I am hoping something is unhooked..
johnymemo - have the same issue. 2 things that might help. I keep getting it to start sometimes and not others. I read a blog which I cna't find anymore and the blogger said to press f1 after it got to the state where you would think it should start. It works everytime for me. The blog went on to say that the problem has to do with the little internal battery on the motherboard dying. No way I could fix that myself but if you seem to know how to do that. Let me know on here.
> OhMan!
> OhMan!

Okay I might have the same problems as you guys do, I press the power button on my laptop than the lights(no screen) comes on than 3 seconds later it shuts down.My laptop was still working on Wednesday night than when I came from from school Thursday afternoon I move the mouse a little, but the screen didn't come on just the lights(Power, Blue tooth, Wifi etc, little blinking lights by the corner of the laptop) than I noticed it was frozen I guess so I unplug my laptop power cord than took out(disconnected) the laptop battery so the system could turn off.Once I did that I plug in the cord than the Battery and press the power button on my laptop than the little blinking lights turn on for few seconds than turns off..

Please help me~!! give me any suggestions.

P.S: I've tried disconnecting the power outlet and battery several times in and out, i've tried everything you could do without going to Bestbuy and getting it fixed.Also I have several times disconnected my power outlet and battery fron the cpu/laptop whenever it frozen.It doesn't have Virus(might have) just games stored on it

My cpu is a Dell Inspiron 1721 Home Premium Window Vista(almost 1 year old).
I have the same problem with my hp dv6000. I take the battery out and put the laptop the freezer for about 5 minutes and it usually starts after that. I also checked the memory, HDD and software, no problems. Guess it's the motherboard. Now I just leaving it running 24/7. Next time I'll buy a Dell or Acer...
for all who having problems with labtop automatically just shutting off a key problem could be the fact that its overheating when your labtop gets too hot the sensor in the labtop tells it to shot down and when it reaches a cooler tempature the labtop will be able to turn on again. I first noticed this whenever I have my labtop on the bed because of it being on the bed it stop the hot air from being able to leave the labtop making it hot but when its on let say a desk its able to release the air if you want to use ur labtop on ur bed or anywhere besides a desk you might want to use a cooling pad that has fans this enables the labtop to stay cool without overheating thus keeping your labtop on it can cost around 10 -20 bucks hope this helped
its a hp pavilion 1x 1000
the screen wont turn on....all the light are on but there's no image on the screen..the light wont turn plz
I have a hp and the same exact thing happened to me and I have2 take the battery out put it back in and hit the power button and after a few times it starts up goodluck
Well I have had the same problem. At first I thought that the cause of this was that I play on my laptop too much, but when I went to best buy, to have it checked, they said that the mother board was overheated. They replaced my laptop with a new one.
Howdy yall,

There is a serious issue with the GPU used on a lot of these series notebooks. The trouble resides with the fan being tied to the CPU and allows the GPU to overheat because of this.

-HP claims the problem is a simple fix. 1. If your warranty is still in effect you can send it in. 2. They are going to flash the bios using their BIOS driver update. So you can too by going to their website and using their BIOS driver update (as they call it.)
-Or if your warranty conveniently expired beyond their extention which I had not read about until it croaked. You can still do #2.
-Or worse yet. You're using Vista. It tried to update. It failed and buggered up your harddrive. Now you can't run the driver update because it ONLY works in a windows environment. "
-So here's a list of things you can do... IF you have experience with computers and a loving caring friend with the same type of harddrive your now dead HP uses you can have him install the program on his hdd move it into your computer and install it on the random chance it starts up.
-But you don't have that friend. Get a live copy of linux (let's just say UBUNTU) and load the WINE environement and then find a miracle way to configure it to get their stupid piece of software to install the much needed driver. Then email me because I couldn't do it.
-None of that makes sense? Well shit, take it to a repair shop or call HP and let them charge your an arm and a leg for a problem they allowed to happen. =)

Sorry HP can't/won't help you,
former HP notebook user
I believe what HPuser meant is this <a href="">link, Problems, workarounds and fixes with HP Pavilion laptop.</a>

Actually a very nice post, unusual way of fixing the no display problem but actually worked.

Be specific next time mate.hehe
I too have the same problem as a lot of you. My HP laptop is only a year and a half old. My next laptop (or any other computer) purchase will definetely NOT be an HP.

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