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I'm having a problem with my hotmail account. I just discovered today that emails have been sent out to all of my contacts without my knowing and now when I try to change my password it says my account has been blocked due to some unusual activity. When I try to go through the process of answering security questions to retrieve my account it only gives me the option to send a password re-set code to an email address I don't know (ju***** How can I solve this annoying problem?


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Here is how you might solve the issue. This is the very last resort that worked for many others.

Open a brand new MSN/Hotmail account. Once connected, go to this page

Click on "additional resources" and then click on "ask a question on the Hotmail forums.

Explain the situation in detail. A Hotmail moderator should give you the solution within 24 to 48 hours.

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what cause the problem?

I don't think hotmail will be locked in normally. Maybe you add too more friends one day. You could contact the customer service of hotmail to solve this problem.