Is servage reliable???

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 Mel - Sep 10, 2009 at 08:41 PM
do u think that servageis really safe n good to use????

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Feb 6, 2009 at 03:41 AM
It all depends what you are using it for eg: how sensitive your information is. I'm sure its as safe and reliable as the next guys product.
Not at all.

Terrible uptime, terrible support, the features they list is a joke.

And their security is just... terrible...
My account was compromised once, someone had broken into it and gotten their hands on my credit card info etc (happened to a whole bunch of people). Servage never even told me. I had to hear it from Visa when they called me.

My account was broken into one more time after that. This time hidden spam-links were added to all of my sites, getting them blacklisted at google.

Stay far, far away from them. ( also, when i canceled my account they offered me 30% off for life)
NO Servage is very unsafe to use!

We have been with servage for the entire hosting period and had nothing but problems.

* Mail-servers are blacklisted (proven) - yet - Servage say NO PROBLEM.

* They keep their data base UN-updated, sending utmost confidential material to the wrong address (proven)

* Yes you can cancel your account but what's the point? Since Servage has your credit card details (that must be one of the few things they keep in their database to remember) they will just keep charging you!

WE? We have taken steps to press fraud charges against this first class customer support hosting company and leave you with making your own decision whether or not you want to waste your time, money and business with Servage!

Best of luck