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Windows Memory Diagnostic is a tool for analyzing and troubleshooting memory issues in your computer.

What is Windows Memory Diagnostic?

Windows Memory Diagnostic is a utility tool developed by Microsoft to provide a solution to detect memory issues in your PC. It checks the RAM's interaction with the rest of your system, including the memory management system, and is able to detect potential causes to generate reports.

What are the key features of Windows Memory Diagnostic?

  • Analysis: Windows Memory Diagnostic examines the entire operating system. It runs memory tests on every file on the hard drive. After that, it detects the possible cause of any failure in all components, such as RAM or motherboard.
  • Recovery: This software is able to work with the resources of the operating system. It easily detects errors and helps to recover damaged files. It can alert the user if problems are not related to software and detects the real issues.
  • Report: Windows Memory Diagnostic can generate detailed reports and analyses of each one of the files that are stored in the system. Each record is classified according to its type and date. They can be viewed by launching a search.
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Is Windows Memory Diagnostic free?

You can download and use this tool for free. It is built-in with the more recent versions of Windows, and you do not need to download it.

Is Windows Memory Diagnostic safe?

Yes, Windows Memory Diagnostic is safe to use.

Is Windows Memory Diagnostic reliable?

Yes, Windows Memory Diagnostic is a reliable solution to perform tests on your RAM components. In case it detects memory problems, it will generate analysis and reports.

Is Windows Memory Diagnostic as good as MemTest86?

First, MemTest86 is suitable for the x86 32-bit architecture, but MemTest also exists for x64 64-bit architecture.

The two solutions perform different actions. MemTest86 checks the RAM hardware strictly in detail, while Windows Memory Diagnostic verifies the RAM's interaction with the rest of your system, including the memory management system. Hence, MemTest86 could attest your RAM is in good condition, but it doesn't check the Internal Memory Controller in the CPU, the module compatibility with the BIOS, or between modules. So the two solutions may be required depending on your problem.

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