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Hello, my wife and I bought our son an acer aspire 5515 and he set the administrator password and forgot it, now we have been looking for ways to recover the password,reboot the thing to factory settings and whatever we can do to get the dang thing so we can get in as the administrator. I have been told to make a password reset disk, but that didnt work because we dont know the admin password. I have also been told to reboot to factory settings by pressing alt + f10 but when i do I get a screen that says : EDIT BOOT OPTIONS FOR MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA below that it says : PATH: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WINLOAD.EXE ; below that it says : Partition:2 ; below that it says:Hard disk:208de06f; and then finally below that it says: [ /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN......can someone pls help us

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i have the same problem, any luck?
Try holding the alt key while tapping the f10 key.