Outlook '03 - Extra spaces between paragraphs

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Hello. Using Outlook 2003, when I compose and send messages using Microsoft Office Word 2003, and I put proper spacing between the paragraphs, everything looks great when I send it and when I look at my "Sent" messages. However, if I send it to myself, when it comes to my "Inbox" the spaces between the paragraphs look like they have been doubled. This also happens with individual words and sentences. If I put words or sentences directly under one another with no space, then when they come to my "Inbox" they have spaces, as if they are in separate paragraphs. This also happens on the other end when people receive the messages. Can someone help? Thank you.

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I have the exact same problem and so do alot of others check here:

However, I still don't think there is a fix for it.

If there is I haven't found it yet.
it can be down to the format you are looking/created the email in or even you email editor.

where to look:
from the main outlook window, go to tools, options, click on the tab 'mail format', then the top section mail format
compose in this message format: selection of 3 I usually prefer HTML
there are also two tick boxes underneath the above option. if there ticked, un-tick them. if there un-ticked, tick them