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Microsoft Outlook keeps being one of the preferred email clients among millions of users around the globe. Its modern interface allows you to simultaneously manage multiple accounts from different email suppliers and provides various tools.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is an email client and a personal information manager created by Microsoft, which is one of the most used applications of its genre. Like all the Microsoft applications, it has continuously evolved over the years and now provides lots of different features like calendaring, contact managing, task managing, and more. It is a versatile toolbox that offers lots of handy functions for everyone.

What are the key features of Microsoft Outlook?

  • Emails: The email client is the most used feature as it allows you to send and receive emails in a well-designed and intuitive interface. To make sure your emails stay organized, you can create folders and filters to put them in the right place, and you can easily find any email you want with the performant search engine. You can also fully configure automatic replies depending on parameters, customize your automatic email signature, and create your email address domain for your organization. Last but not least, you will be able to take advantage of an integrated spell and grammar checker that automatically reviews your email and helps a lot to fix typos.
  • Security: Different email encryption solutions are available depending on your needs. No matter the solution you choose, only the recipient who has the correct private key will be able to read the message correctly. You can either choose the S/MME encryption, where both the sender and recipient must have a mail app that supports the S/MME standard, or the Microsoft 365 Message Encryption, where only the sender must have Microsoft 365 Message Encryption.
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  • Contact management: This is also an essential feature as it allows you to manage your personal contacts and administrate all your customer contacts and details. Thanks to Outlook Customer Manager, you will be able to centralize all your interactions with your clients in one place, review your conversations, note details, and much more.  Moreover, it is pretty intuitive to use, and you will fastly understand how that kind of function can be a game-changer.
  • Calendar: The built-in Calendar app is a must-have if you want to be more organized and productive. It provides lots of functions like appointments and events, meeting management with the ability to see when all the people you want to invite are available or not, automatic email submission, and more. Also, it can be fully configured to match your organization to allow you to view other people's calendars, manage them, specify the meeting with names specific to your meeting rooms, etc.
  • Task management: The task management solution allows you to create tasks either from scratch or emails in seconds. It can automatically convert your email content into tasks to avoid you copying and pasting and can assign the people you selected to them. You can also prioritize them, schedule them, etc. More advanced task management features are available if you also use other Microsoft apps.
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  • Notes: To never miss anything anymore, you can manage your notes directly in Outlook, customize and format them, and also insert images. You will then be able to review them whenever you want.
  • Cross-client compatible: Outlook is also compatible with other mail clients, meaning you can manage and synchronize emails from providers such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.
  • Backup: Thanks to the cloud or your server infrastructure, you can save and backup all your organization and make sure you never lose any piece of data if something occurs. That way, you can quickly recover and get back to your business.
  • More: More specific features are available in Outlook depending on your needs, like journal logging, voice control, etc.
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How to use Microsoft Outlook?

You can find many valuable resources online.

  • Once installed, you will be guided to set up your Outlook account and enter your name, email address, and password.
  • You will be ready to start sending and receiving emails and use other features. Check the quick access bar to switch to Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks, and more.
  • To create a new email message from any mail folder, choose New Email, type your email, select the recipient among your contacts or enter a new one, and click on Send.

Is it free?

What you will get here is a 1-month demo. You can acquire Microsoft Outlook either by purchasing an Office license or by subscribing to a Microsoft 365 plan:

  • The Office license is sold as a one-time purchase, but you have to pay up-front and has no upgrade option, which means that you will have to pay at full price if you want to upgrade to a new major release.
  • The Office 365 plan includes all the up-to-date Microsoft office software in a single seamless, integrated experience. It also offers extra online storage and advanced collaboration features. With Office 365, you no longer have to worry about using the last version of your office software. Also, depending on your needs, Microsoft provides different plans for Microsoft 365, including Personal and family, Business, Enterprise, and Education. You can consult all the plans on Microsoft's official website.
  • Microsoft Outlook is also available for free as a web app for any Microsoft Outlook mail account you create, but it is not fully featured.

Is it safe?

Outlook is a secure application. It features the same security protocols that Microsoft uses for its business clients, including data encryption for inbox and sent messages, detection and deactivation of questionable content (spam, scams, viruses, and other types of malware), and recovery of important emails and attachments in OneDrive.

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