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Hi, if I had heeded the old saying "why mend it when it's not broken" I wouldn't be here asking for help. To my problem....I tried to update my old Samsung V25 laptop from XP to Vista. The installation failed 'coz I had forgotten to reformat my HD fron Fat to NTFS. I thought 'no prob, I'll reinstall XP' ...but now my system won't let me install ANY Os! I have now tried with XP, Vista and also Win 7, all without success. With XP it goes as far as copying files, then drivers and thats when the problem starts. Its unable to copy different cab. files + 3 dlls. With the option Esc to ignore. When doing this at 100% it asks for a reboot, but then the whole procedure starts from the beginning !! With Vista and 7 it gets as far as to which partition should be used, but when I click on either of the 2 available partitions (both NTFS) I am told that these partitions can't be used. Has anyone any ideas?

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Aug 2, 2012 at 07:05 AM

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