Judy cant uninstall Inbox.com

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Friday August 10, 2012
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August 10, 2012
 buck -
Hello, Im stuck. I've attempted to uninstall Inbox.com without having to PURCHASE a remover tool. Any input/suggestions?
Thanks all

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Get relaxed. There is no need to have any software for removing it.

Simply log in as administrator on your computer and open your Control Panel.

From there, access to Add or Remove Programs and search for the Inbox Toolbar and click on the Remove button.

Then, click on Yes for confirmation and OK when it's done.

You can also get to your Browser and reach Add ons in Tools.

Then, click on Extensions and uninstall the Inbox Toolbar.

Please note that you will have to restart Firefox for the changes to be saved.

Good luck.
Hello dist.urbd
Appreciate the calming advise...however, I've already uninstalled Inbox from the add/remove site.
And yes, it did remove the actual Inbox name. But Inbox still remains, live and well, the minute my browser opens up. I've rebooted and unplugged everything, Short of throwing this laptop out the window, do you perhaps have another suggestion? PLease...Im not trying to be sarcastic, so dont take it that way,k?
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Try his 1
Open your "Internet Explorer" --> Go to "Tools" --> "Internet Options" --> Click on "Advanced" tab
--> Click on "Reset" button --> Check the check box "Delete personal settings" --> Click on "Reset" button. Now close your browser and open it again.
Good Luck
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Hello Judy,

If you have already tried this, then try jack4all method, it should work. I had suggested in my post without knowing that you were using Internet Explorer but perhaps you missed it.

Good luck to you.
how do you find inbox in the add & remove when its not listed in either that or the all programs list. or any where else on the computer, but pops up every damn time you use anything !