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 Anurag -
I wondered if Deep Freeze can be uninstaled without knowing the password, someone recomended using the instalation kit to uninstal, but it asks for the password. I red on a forum that "windows security kit 2008" (dunno if that's the name) can be used to bypass DeepFreeze® is it true? If yes, how ?

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I have read the comments what you had tried,
ok you dont neet to format your c drive,
once you have followed the steps mentioned by "blueserver", surely you get the message access denied, but try again twice,
now if you look further in Processes, you need to kill one more Process, FrzState2k.exe , just wait for a while depending on your system speed, now you will see , that deep freez icon is gone,

1-NOW, go in the C:\Program Files\Faronics folder and select and SHIFT Delete the whole folder,
2- open regedit - go to" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ and look for Faronics Folder" hit Delete button from your key board, when asked click yes, job done
this should fix the problem,
If not please reply me on the email above
Thank you

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I try ur unsinstall deep freeze but, didn't work.
My Deep freeze Info:
> Fran
im using the version of deepfreeze. they say there's no way one can uninstall it since its immune to the unfreezer that works only with earlier versions like 5 and below. I know my password but the prob is it doesnt seem to appear at the system tray (near time bar). how can I open the icon again? tried running it from program files but doesnt open. PLEASE HELP.
thank u man its working
hai ICE your method is correct,i solve my problem with ur help.thank u man
1. Restart your PC.
2. Press DEL or F2 shortcut to CMOS setup in short goto CMOS setup.
3. Change the date 10 years backward or forward. Then save it and restart PC.
4. Before the windows logo shows up Press F8. There you can select safe mode, safe mode with network, etc.
5. Choose Debug mode or Debugging Mode.
6. In Debug mode select the OS you use for example windows xp pro.
7. (This is need a little quicker of hands) When the windows XP starts wait the welcome screen appears and make your fingers get ready to press CTRL+ALT+DEL shortcut key for taskmanager.
8. After the windows XP welcome screen the Windows desktop will appear. Quickly hit CTRL+ALT+DEL.
9. Press D 'D is the shortcut key to locate the process DFServ' or you can locate it using your mouse. After locating it press Del 'to kill the process DFServ.'
10. If you succeed restart your PC and boot it in normal mode. There you can see the deepfreeze icon will be mark X means it is disabled. Now you can uninstall it using deepfreeze installer.

After making those steps don't forget to change back your time in CMOS.
I tried these steps but when I choose debugging mode computer hangs and not working
what to do
what if they have a password on the CMOS? how would I get around that?
1. Hold down the shift key and double-click on the Deep Freeze icon. Alternatively, you can press Crtl-Alt-Shift-F6. You should now see a password dialog.
2. Enter your password and click OK. If you have not yet entered a password you should be able to click OK without entering anything. You should now see a dialog with boot options.
3. Select "Boot thawed" and click OK. This will disable Deep Freeze on the next reboot.
4. Reboot your machine. After the machine reboots you are ready to uninstall Deep Freeze
Can't uninstall Deep freeze via normal mode (shift click on icon or the alt+ctrl+shift+f6 on normal windows mode?)

restart your computer, press f8 . Choose directory Services restore mode(Window domain controllers only).
your system shall start , and you can see your deep freeze icon. Uninstall DF using your normal way of uninstalling DF. ((shift click on icon or the alt+ctrl+shift+f6 on normal windows )
1. hold the shift button and double click on the deep freeze icon then put your password and say ok.
2. another page opens select boot thawed and restart your computer.
Hi there,

Here's the simple way to uninstall deep freeze.

1. Goto CMOS settings and change the date 2 years backward.

2. Restart your computer press F8 to select the type of boot you want.

3. There is safe mode, Start windows in debug mode and etc. Select Start windows in debug mode.

4. Wait till the welcome screen disappear. When the welcome screen disappear pres CTRL+ALT+DEL (task manager shortcut)

5. Press D or locate DF5Serv.exe and press del to kill the process.

6. Restart your PC and change the CMOS date in present.

7. Boot up in normal windows you can see the deep freeze icon is X means deep freeze disabled.

8. Use deep freeze installer to uninstall deep freeze.

Thats all
> khrizy
I been using this method for past two years and it's really done.

Are you sure you boot up your windows xp in debug mode?

Because booting windows xp in normal can't kill defreeze system process.

Booting it in debug mode will kill the process and I always use it when I'm hacking an internet cafe computer with deepfreeze.
> khrizy
I said boot up your computer in debug mode not normal mode. You cannot kill DF5Serv.exe in normal mode.
i m kid
my uncle installed deep freeze in my pc
now I forget the password
so tell me what CMOS ??
> Shashank
CMOS is a firmware software built in your computer, it is where you can configure your computer hardware settings. Mostly CMOS appear when you press F2 or DEL key when you turn on your computer.
CMOS? is it BIOS?
Ok I'll tell all of you guys that deepfreeze is relying on date. Hacking deepfreeze is just like hacking AT&T early 1990's. Changing the date in your CMOS 10 years backward or forward and above make deepfreeze confuse because those days deepfreeze doesn't exist. But remember killing deepfreeze system process cannot be kill booting your windows xp in normal mode. Only can kill this process is booting your windows xp in debug mode or debugging mode.And uninstalling deepfreeze only deepfreeze installer can uninstall it because it is 2 in one installer but you have to disable it before uninstalling.

I hope everybody knows what version of deepfreeze I'm talking about. I'm not talking the old versions of deepfreeze! I use these method when deepfreeze version 6 exist. And deepfreeze is shit program it can slow down your PC when your computer has many programs and sometimes you get error, you will meet Blue Screen of Death saying Memory Dump. But it is really protecting your computer from viruses.

That's whats deepfreeze do.
to uninstall deep freeze:

press shift while double clicking the deep freeze logo on the icon tray locatedon the bottom rightmost part of the screen. deep freeze will ask for a password if you put one. once the deep freeze is loaded, select the boot thawed mode. note: you can only uninstall deep freeze in thawed state. uninstall deep freeze and reboot. thats all