Unable to open Drivers

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Tuesday September 18, 2012
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September 18, 2012
 patwary -
hi , I am unable to open any driver in my PC. When ever I am double clicking on any Driver it is prompting a window that is Caption "Hello World".(I am able to open from command prompt) How can I open Drivers now......... please suggest me waiting for reply............

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When i try to open my 4GB Transcend Pen drive on my PC Its giveing me the error msg as "F:\ is not Accessible", "Access Denied". The properties of the pen drive shows me as 0 Byte (Used space & free space).
But When I try to open this pen drive data on other computers, I'm able to open & work with my all datas, even its auto playing! But on my PC I'm not able to open any of the pen drive. So definitely there is no problem with my pen drive.
So anyone can help me to fix this issue without re-installing the OS?