How do I download flash player 10 on vista??? [Solved/Closed]

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I used to have the new flash player working fine, then late last week my internet explorer kept crashing saying it was an ad on problem and advised me to download the newest flash player.
On saturday i tried to do this, all works fine, i install activx, click run, etc.
It gets to the final screen where you sopposed to see the movie once its downloaded and nothing happens!!!!!!
I can hardly view any of my web pages....please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I solved this problem by downloading and using using Mozilla Firefox as an alternative web browser - flash player 10 downloaded and installed without the problems I was getting with Windows Explorer.

still not working!!!!!
Error message comes up and i keep pressing retry, i need flash player to install the games i payed for :(
thank you very much joe. seriously. u have solved my problems. thank you very much. :)

thank you joe i thought somthing was seriosly wrong with my computer.the error thing popped up and i clicked on ignore like izziy said.thanks so much!!!!!!
OKAY!! Finally, another resolution. I tried everything from here to China - and all the advice in the world would not resolve by problems - as my mom says! jk. OKAY - MY FIX - AOL!!! I downloaded AOL - went into - tried to play a video. Then when told to install flash player again - I DID!! AND BINGO - did it through AOL and now it works on my IE.. sooo.. :) and they lived happily ever after.
On some Windows Vista systems Flash Player may be installed, but will not display Flash content.

To run the installation utility to update to the latest Flash Player and correct this problem, follow these steps.

Locate the Flash folder:
C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\ or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\
Right-click the installation utility FlashUtil10a.exe (the number and letter at the end of the name depend on the version that is installed).
Select Run As Administrator.
Close all applications.
Run the Flash Player installer.
Restart your computer.

I Hope This Helps
Leon Dale
i have the same problem as some where we aren't able to watch videos on sites and it started on the 6th of may and it's really's happened to me with youtube and another website..even for facebook games
I have difficulty trying to download adobe flash player 10 in vista,if the download starts it says windows has blocked it haven't found out that it s hamfull to my computer.Whats the solution for this?
I couldn't download flashplayer.
Sorry mate no can do, when ever i download it, it says error, and i have tried millions of time, now i can't watch anything on youtube, please someone help me!
I downloaded the Opera browser and then ran the same programs that would not work in Internet Explorer. They all worked in Opera. The problem is not with
Vista, but with the combination of Vista and Internet Explorer 8.