Can't find downloaded files usng vista o/s

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I can't find any files that I download.I watch it download completely,the run,save prompt pops up for a millisecond,then disappears,and the file is gone.I am using Vista(wich is crap) and it is probably the cause of my problems.Does anybody know if there is a fix for this problem,or any way I can find my disappearing files???Any suggestions will help.
Thank you

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hey guyz just asking, im sure that u guys know that when u finished downloading the files its just not there, right, but did u guys notice that the total memory of the computer also decreases. I mean not the used memory, but the total memory of the if theres a phantom hard disk or something..i kept downloading, and the total memory space just kept decreasing..not the total available space, not the used space but the total space of the hard disk
My new PC running genuine Vista Ulitmate X86 is affected by this problem. Unable to DL anything regardless of UAC or turning on or off all firewalls and Anti-Virus programs. Happens regardless of IE7 OR Firefox. Running latest microsoft updates and SP-1. This situation only started a few days ago. Tried resetting IE7 to factory- no change. Ran virus check and Defender check-no problems and no change.
I had the same problem on mine for days but I have now FIXED IT.

I tried all the user control thingy and uninstalling the latest security updates but none of that worked. For me in the end it was AVG 8.0, I uninstalled AVG, reset my pc and my problems where gone. Im going to reinstall AVG now and see what happens.
OK I installed AVG again, and guess what the problem came back, so im sorry but AVG had to go. I have just installed Avira Anti-virus and I have no problems downloading.
Tomcat, I reinstalled the system using the factory "redo" utility on my laptop. I put everything back on it that it had, including a fresh download of AVG 8 Free edition. So far so good, no problems downloading. After AVG I downloaded Firefox no problem.
Thanks for your help. I might have tried uninstalling AVG but prior to my system redo I tried a lot of other dead-ends. At that point I was just fed up and seeing how the system was pretty much blank, I thought a reinstall would save time.

hi just read you item... now ii had trouble when I installed avg 8 so I got rid and installed kaspersky.. problem soved for a week then came back.. so put avg 8 on again and guess what... sorted... one week later it came back. so now I cant open pdf or save downloads unless I run without any antivirus... how daft how vista ..awful system... cheers mitchell
Yep another AVG victim here, just uninstalled it and can now download again

Have been googling for the past few days and there`s all these techy answers about messing with the registry etc, glad my patience paid off because it was just a simple case of hitting the uninstall button on AVG 8.0 and I don`t have to mess about putting back what I messed with trying other ways :o)

Think those that have found AVG to be the culprit should fill in a feedback form letting them know what their program is doing so they can fix it :)
well for me who dont have AVG and still got the "problem" and the issue is still here, any suggestions to how I should fix it? plz :)

could it be Norton 360 thats the case for me if so how do I fix it im a novice so no hard words plz ty
I dont understand whats wrong with AVG, I haved used AVG for years, I installed version 8 about 3 weeks ago and everything was fine at first, then all of a sudden I could not download. Well AVG thats one way of stopping us getting a virus, BAN us from downloading lol.
same here... the problem seems to occur only with ie8 beta2, after you reset browser settings (avg is un-aware of new ie8b2 reset api/notifications)
This problem is caused by conflicting security programs, (assuming that Internet Explorer's security settings are set properly)
Windows Vista along with Internet Explorer are very sensitive to EXTRA security programs.
This doesn't seem to be a problem with Firefox.
Only use one quality security program with Vista, especially,if your operating in Internet Explorer.
Remove any remnants of security programs that may not have been completely uninstalled.
If your computer came with a trial version of some security system and you installed another, make sure to remove the original one.
Tugar, I agree in most cases conflicting security programs can cause some serious problems, but In my case I only had AVG and Comodo Firewall installed, I had not introduced any new security software at the time my problems with downloading started. For me it was just a simple case of AVG acting up. Once that was uninstalled and replaced with an alternative everything was fine.

As for uninstalling all our security programs, you have got no chance of me leaving my computers security in the hands of Microsoft, windows defender is a joke, and windows firewall does that even do anything?.
by the way for me it was not just confined to internet explorer, I could not download using firefox either??.
fine wget.exe then, run cmd, then in command line run the following:


this will always work and allow you to get firefox...
My problem was also not just associated with IE7 but also Firefox.
mumbo jumbo, this NEVER EVER happened with firefox
ms propaganda, hold your horses
Hello All, you can click on the Windows icon > Search, type in downloaded files or a name similar to the file you downloaded then click on Enter or Search. It will point to the place where the Vista automatically saved it.

hope this helps.
windows doesn't save anything, ie does. the default is in users\you\documents. you can change this before you download, this has nothing to do with matter at hand. the file is downloaded where you wanted, but then imediately deleted, like it was infected. it's not avg, it the new security by obscurity vision from redmond/wa
hey guys, I just unistalled my avg , also deleted its setup file.
and downloaded a fresh one and installed it...
lol now that file was showing up on ma desktop...
maybe the antivirus was playing wid us...
try this and tell us about it

Gonna try this when I get in tonight - praying the file will appear on my desktop! If this doesn't work any other ideas I could try?

funny, I just tried clearing all IE7 temp files, forms cookies...etc then restarting IE and its working!

another billion reason to hate vista~~

You will find your downloaded files that you saved by going to Start>Documents>Downloads
or go to Start Search, Type in (Download), find it in the result column above under subsection labeled Files

Hope that helped. I actually fine Vista a little more Idiot friendly. LOL
Hey your response to "Cant find downloads" helped me. Now how to get them to show up again on the desktop?

I spent 5 hours working an on a document that desperatley need back - search everywhere and I can't find it. I too have AVG on the laptop I was working on - will try this fix when I get home but just wanted to confirm that doing:

You will find your downloaded files that you saved by going to Start>Documents>Downloads
or go to Start Search, Type in (Download), find it in the result column above under subsection labeled Files

will actually find this document - just in case is there anythinh else I can try - I really can't go through creating the document again

Many thanks for your help!
In firefox, go to tools -> downloads, and pull up the list of things that you downloaded, if that list is empty, you'll have to download again. With that window open, right click on the program you want to open, then hit the open containing folder option. From there you right click on the program and choose open. This worked for me!! :)
to the guy that told us to uninstall AVG, THAT SOLVED MY PROBLEM AND NOW I CAN START DOWNLOADING AGAIN!!! :D thank you! and yes, I was also affected by AVG which is strange
No problem glad I could help, I just hope AVG sort out the bug soon!!!.

As for the above few comments about how to find the files that we downloaded because we are too stupid to find :) lol, I know you're just trying to help but please read the full topic.

For some reason AVG has been acting weird for SOME people and deleting files instantly after downloading them, I downloaded a file to my desktop and watched it appear and disappear within seconds, it's not a case of we can't find where we put them :D.

but I got no AVG... and the problem is still there
If you dont have AVG I can only guess that it is a different Anti-Virus or secuirty program that you have causing the same problem? what security programs do you have?
Have you tried uninstalling Bit Defender to see if that is the problem m8.
no I havn't, maybe need a try... thx

my IE can download... but Firefox, Safari and even MSN cannot get files from internet or others
I havent been able to downloaded or send files on MSN for months, I gave up with that **** ages ago lol.
Microsoft hasn't even noticed this problem? or deliberately made it...
> yu
of course, they're actively sponsoring firefox (that's why they did it :-)
Uninstalling AVG worked for me too.
Now I use Avira Antivir without problems.

I have the same problem - cannot download anything neither with IE nor with Firefox. Tried every suggestion here but no luck. I'm starting to get really pissed off and if I can find my XP installation CD then... goodbye Vista! :)
really dun wanna say goodbye to vista... the downloading prob is the only one troubles me
Can some one please help me? I have tried everything:

1) Uninstalled AVG
2) Disabled User Account Control
3) Disabled Windows Defender

It doesn't work with either IE 7 or Mozilla 3.

Really desparate for help