Can't find downloaded files usng vista o/s

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I can't find any files that I download.I watch it download completely,the run,save prompt pops up for a millisecond,then disappears,and the file is gone.I am using Vista(wich is crap) and it is probably the cause of my problems.Does anybody know if there is a fix for this problem,or any way I can find my disappearing files???Any suggestions will help.
Thank you

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I have exactly the same prob on my comp I got today, im going to download firefox on my other comp and put onto a usb drive then try and install on this comp and see how I go with that...will post back with results :)
I just started using laptop and was irritated to find out that it had window vista. I was having the same problems that you guys are having so what I did was to download the file on the desktop. Then I cut it and then paste it on the folder that I originally wanted it to go to. And that works. The file pastes into the folder you specify.
the thing is I can't even download the stuff to the desktop,
it gets deleted by vista the moment it is done downloading...
this is rediculous....
One possible solution: try creating a new user profile in Vista and then download it. It worked fine for me once. I didn't get a chance to try it again after that. Surprisingly, it works fine with Mozilla 2.0 but not with 3.0!
i had the same problem, files would download and everything would look ok. as soon as you run the same error. Turned out to be the wireless connection losing packets . as soon as I was hard wired and downloaded all the files problem solved. hope this helps
seams that you are describing a coincidence
You need go to computer, then c drive, user, your user, downloads.

You will find everything you download there.

But I can't figure out how to run the programs that I have downloaded or even the radio on yahoo. For some reason nothing opens up after trying numerous times.

Has anyone gotten this far?
i tried to uninstall my anti-virus, I had avg, it wasn't working like it should, uninstall your anti-virus and install a new one, the dialog box usually scans for viruses, this may present a conflict with the current anti-virus configuration and may corrupt the download file location process if that doesn't work try to uninstall any recent program that is some kind related to your internet browser this is of course a vista problem

If anyone is still having this problem with files disappearing on firefox, I have a solution for you.

Firstly, the files are actually being deleted as soon as they are completed. I don't buy into it that it's an AVG problem as many of the forums have stated. Here's a way to make it work.

Download a firefox extension called custom download manager.

After installing this plugin goto Tools -> Add-ons -> Custom Download Manager -> Options, and uncheck 'scan files after download'

job done. horray!!

I didn't have this problem with ie, so can't help much with that, but I'm pretty sure this will work just fine
Thank you so much man. Your advice completely fixed the problem for me when nothing else did! Thanks again!
thank you so much, I ve been puzzled by this a few weeks now! I could open and save everything when using chrome but nothing was happening with firefox! Now is all working!!!
Thanks again

I've been going stupid after this problem for nearly 3 weeks and finally I found the solution thanks to you.
Thanks so much!
FANTASTIC - thank you!!!!
thx dude it works fine now all the other guys had the same problem I wonder why it is so meny diffrente ways to fix it..
hey ive tried to download the add-on on my firefox. and I was able to download now. thanks to you guys.
ive installed all the updates
when I try I use safari to download things
i tried downloading mozilla (which I had before and deleted)
and I tried on ie (which I hate because it has way too many toolbars)
but I cant download anything on either one
im kinda stuck
i cant even download smaller things like aim
scroll up and check answer 82 and if his solution doesnt work if u have avg thats probobly is where the problem is

hope this helps ;)
Luke got it right with Firefox - problem solved ;)
Great to see many solved the problem of Downloading. However, I still need help. My problem is similar but a little different. Just received the laptop from dell. Laptop came with Vista. IE7 have no problem with downloading. Only Fixfox 3 have the problem. When I click to download it just say done at the status bar on the bottom of firefox. There's no download box or the download being delete after it finish or anything. Now download for FireFox is set to desktop. No AVG, antivirus, or any other security except for window firewall. Windows Defender is also off. Downloaded and enable Custom Download Manager Add On, but still no go. When click to download, I can only see a flick but no thing else beside that. Basically no download at all. Please Helppppppp.
check answer 82 u have the same prob I had and I managed to fix it with his solution hope this helps
already follow post #82 but no go. Download the Custom Download Manager add on, I already uncheck "scan files when completed in the add on options. This still doesn't seem to help me.
with me it was avg all along...uninstalled that and it works fine now.
Had this problem with photo files but downloaded free FastSone Image Viewer and Google's Picasa 3. Default which you prefer. Concur about Vista being excrement. lol
Thanks to all who did the work. My Firefox download issue is resolved by modifying Scan after download. I used the about:config in the following link and case closed.
Due to the natue of the problem, the various and inconsitent descriiptions of when it happen and the fixes and my own experiences I think there is a huge bug in the way the file protection works in Vista. Yru files are obviously still there becuase they are taking up disk space. It appears that in Vista a security token gets attached to all your downloads, so that only the current user can even see them in a explorer. The exception seems to be pictures. Somehow this token gets out of sync. This is why you can't see them. They are there but my theory is that the GUI is hidding them becuase it thinks you are different user than the one that downloaded them. That being the case there is no true work around and we have to wait until SP2 comes out for the home versions.

All the problems I hear about also seem to be realated to home versions. I suspect becuase the Business and Ultimate editions are meant to run on a network where security policies are pulled from Acitve Directory, they have different security controls. So far my grade for Vista, A for Eye Candy, F for usability.
I have the same prob with IE and FF and I am using the 64bit of vista ultimate.
Did luke's answer work for IE users aswell as Mozilla? because I just have this issue with IE. I have deleted AVG 8.0 and it still has'nt worked I have also system restored, cleaned my entire IE history including temp file, reset IE to default, reset IE settings in advanced tab and much more.

So should I just do lukes answer and download Mozilla onto a USB drive and install it onto my vista Home PC and then get the add-on?

Thanks to everyone who submitted what they knew above, I see there are still a few people stuck for an answer, so take this as the final solution.

The fault is caused by a corrupt installation of AVG Anti Virus.

Remove AVG
Reboot your Computer
Re Install AVG

Your downloads will now work, and save, regardless of what Browser you are using.

If this does not work, Try removing AVG and then just re-booting. If you are desperate for an Anti Virus, it might be time to look at another peice of software!

AVG is the culprit! uninstall and reboot

worked for me =)
I've uninstalled the AVG and whew, I can see my downloaded files. Finally! Well I don't know if AVG is really the culprit but oh well, will see how things go. Thanks for all the suggestions by the way! Though everything's in a mess with the fiddling of registry and control settings and everything :/