Can't find downloaded files usng vista o/s

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I can't find any files that I download.I watch it download completely,the run,save prompt pops up for a millisecond,then disappears,and the file is gone.I am using Vista(wich is crap) and it is probably the cause of my problems.Does anybody know if there is a fix for this problem,or any way I can find my disappearing files???Any suggestions will help.
Thank you

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I've been having this problem too...when I go to download anything it says it's going to "temporary folder" and I can never find it. It isn't under the Downloads folder or anywhere. I don't have Firefox (when I try to download it the same thing happens) and I don't AVG, so that's not my problem. Any solutions? It's really driving me crazy.
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I am having the exact same prob; and I even tried to update the avg and I still could not find, I got the same error msg that was posted above. when I do a search for the files that I have downloaded, it says that they have moved and can no longer been found.
I have never worked w/ firefox, but I really dont want to attempt to download cuz I might lose it.
I downloaded a few games, cant find them. An invitation, cant find it, a wmv., cant find it, nor360 cant find it. Nothing can be found. What do I do, and can someone plz help me??
Hi all,

After having the same prob myself with both IE and Mozilla, many frustrating hours losing files the fix that has worked for me is installing the "DownThemAll" download tool which is a browser addon for Mozilla.

Go to the Mozilla addons page:

There are other download managers here but this is the one I've used before.

Hope this helps
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Thursday April 9, 2009
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April 11, 2009

Thanks for responding, but I dont know anything about FF or mozilla. I have NEVER used FF How does that work? Is it compatible w/IE?
I know I sound stupid, but only working w/IE would the mozilla directions above work w/IE too not just FF?
I did go look in my history to, but I did not see an option that says remember what I have downloaded.
I am lost.
Anymore suggestions

sorry for not replying sooner...

Sorry FF is the Mozzilla Firefox browser. Just install the addon "Down Them All", this should rectify the problem.
I having a problem : it's when I download a programe file whatever it doesn't wan to I go to the folder it saves it it comes like <Name>.part and a exe for example but its like 0 byte then when the download is done it disapears when I go back and go back inside the part is gone too this is same problem with IE and FF

Help me Please
yo I got mine working after removing my works
I might be able to help some of you. I know my files finished downloading but couldn't find them. I put the 'My Computer' Icon back on the desktop. I then used (R) click and selected Explore. If you then select your user name directly under Computer and then Download folder you should find you files there. Worked for me
Okay all you out there I am so frustrated at this point I can't see straight! I try to uninstall AVG 8.0 it won't let me. I have 3 paid liscenses and can't download it or get rid of it. I have tried everything you all have sugguested. I've been at this and tonight they took my service down and said that I used up my internet download amount. what the heck is that????? It may say it's downloading but there is NOthing THERE WHAT NOW???? I have a power point program to do on sat that I need to get back to and an important webcam meeting sat. morning but can't download skype to have the meeting because of all this. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP IT'S MAY 20, 2009 THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm having the same problem.... I hav both IE7 n FF3 but both hav the same problem with downloading files....
I'm using ESEt and not avast or AVG... but still the problem is tghere....
PLZZZZ somebody give a solution or Microsoft is gone.... shitt (theyr producing all the crap on erath....)

1 SUGGESTION...... switch to LINUX....
ive tried it and its awesome...
neither these bugs..... nor any sort of virus........
+ super high speed...
There is a folder called "Downloads" just under Documents. It's in there!
If you're using Firefox, type about:config into the address bar and scroll down to "browser.downloadmanager.scanoncomplete" or something like that. Turn off virus scanning on download completion and it'll be good as gold.
Because I cant download anything, some people have suggested that my files are going to temp folders. How do I change that? Can anyone walk me through the steps of changing that plz? Your help is much appreciated.
Have a great day!
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I too could not find my IE downloads. I'm using XP so this may not work for Vista.

First, using a right click on the start button, click on explore. Go to your operating system drive, usually C. Double click on C drive and on the right side, right click in a blank area and choose new folder. Name the folder "Downloads".

L Click on the start button and select run. Type "regedit"

This is a solution I found at another site.

a. Go to the Path Below:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer (this may be near the bottom of the list. Be careful when scrolling in the registry and follow directions carefully)

b. Double-Click to Modify the Value Name called

Download Directory

c. If you can't see the Value, Right-Click in the vacant space > New > String Value > Type "Download Directory" > Double-Click and Add the Path: C:\Downloads

That's it, now you IE downloads will go to this folder
Turning the UAC off worked for me. Thank goodness! I've had this problem for months. Now I can finally use Flash Player again.
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damn it for me this is a f***saster its really peeing me off now it doesnt work with IE or FF AARGH

i have vista sp1 ultimate :( and I tried uninstalling avg! DAMN!!!!!!!
Yeah - I too had this exact same problem. I had previously downloaded on this new computer (HP with Vista OS) so I knew I did it somehow. I've not installed ANY Vista updates. So it's not an UPDATE PROBLEM per se - as in an update of any sort screwed up my computer.

How did I solve it? Actually, I remembered that I was using FIREFOX on this computer - NOT MS IE. I'd ask how Microsoft can foist an operating system on paying customers - - one that is not even able to communicate with it's own web browser, but why bother. Bill Gates should be paying all of us to beta test his newest brain fart.

Go get Firefox. It works better than IE anyway. Actually, I usually have several browsers open at once. Don't know if that's good or bad, but the way this new OS is working, that's what I do. Now I just bounce around between several of them. If it doesn't work in one, try it in another. IT'S NUTZ! And it's making me go nutty.

Good luck. That is what is working for me. I won't have time soon, but when I do, I'll partition the hard drive and put XP back on my new computer. This Vista seems to have YEARS of debugging. Wasn't it supposed to be the solution to XP - HA HA HA. I've don't remember any of the Windows OSs being so bad out of the gate as this one. Perhaps that's just my opinion/perception, but I'm thoroughly disgusted with Vista.
I'm using firefox, everytime I download anything, there was no prompt where to save it, because the setting under tools->options was set "save to downloads folders." I finally figure this out, duh! I just uncheck that and check "always ask me where to save files." The weird thing was how come everytime I search for all the files "search everywhere" option, zero results. Not sure if this helps anyone.
ive read almost every post.
and have done most of them-
uninstalled AVG
cancelled UAC

still nothing.
Please please please help.
this is super frustrating!!!


Hiya thought id share how I fixed my problem. I disabled AVG tried to uninstall it however it didnt fully uninstall so the problem persisted. removed the folder physically from the C:\ drive enabled UAC and stopped unecessary programs from running at start up. and it worked. atleast for me. my suspicion is AVG.

Thanks :)
AVG is the primary culprit for this issue.
Recommend: to uninstall AVG if it is installed.

Or reset your internet explorer/Firefox through the tools->Options menu.
This is a temporary fix

I have noticed many people on this thread aren't actually having this problem many many others similar, eg, they can download the file but cannot open it.
Disable your UAC and if problems persist, try using an administrators account.

Or like it was mentioned above.

copy and paste this into your browser -- about:config
Scroll down to and look at the file path in the value column, Fit a more suiting path if the one that is selected is not one that you wish to have.
Such as C:\Documents and Settings\(Name of your account)\Desktop

Hope this works :)
well, to find files that you've downloaded from the internet, go to Start -> -Your Computer Name- (should be above Documents) -> Downloads wah lah!
Just take down the internet options / security slider bar to medium. You will then be prompted where to save your file after you have restarted IE.