Don't know why my HP ask for passward on startup SOS URGENT

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i have a older HP iu let my grandkids use but now we have a very big problem on startup it now ask for a passward no one knows what it is if u don't enter one it go's to a black screen with the wards intel undi,pxe-2.0 (build 082) copyright (c) 1997-2000 intel corp'then next line
for realtek rtl8139(x)/8130/810x pci fast ethernet controller v2.13 (020326) next line pxe-e61: media test failure, check cable next line pxe-m0f:exiting pxe rom. and it just flashs and won't let me do anything help please


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Nov 1, 2012 at 06:35 AM
It sounds like you've ever put a password on the BIOS (black screen with all the writing during startup, allows you to modify things). Or you've passworded the computer from booting to windows.

the second thing is that your laptop is trying to boot from the network adapter rather than the hard drive.

when the laptop is starting up can you see an option for "Boot menu" or "boot options" - This is normally F11 or F12 - If you do find this you will need to select to boot to the hard drive.

as this BIOS password is set on the hardware it's going to be very difficult to remove the password. I imagine your grand kids have been playing where they shouldn't. I would start by asking them to try different passwords.