Worm/VB.CZ.14.A [Solved/Closed]

 onur -
how do i remove this? its annoying.im at the internet cafe in france and all the pc are infected with this virus.help me to help these french uneducated people.they messed my external HDD up with a virus now i need to remove it to update my cv files and so forth!


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when i start up my windows , this error is running

----------------------------------------Windows script host--------------------------------
----------------------------Can not find script file "c:\documents and setting\administrator\boot.vbs".---------------------

thank you
Download tool From Blog of http://balram.com.np/ to remove the virus
c:\documents and setting\administrator\boot.vbs".--------------------- how to remove this massage ?. pl. reply me


avadhut a churi
It's because virus.
Thank you Balram for your program to remove this virus. Coz it's so easy more than delete by myself.
If anyone have same problem this solution is work. But it'll be better if run program in "safe mode".
After finish download restart and press F8 then select safe mode.
Then double click program from Balram. It'll delete problem file for you. You must wait until it shut down automaticlly. so finish.
Then run scanner again.
Dear sir,

plz reply me how to remove this window


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