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I have the right side of my keyboard that will not enter the gives me letters with a little deally on top....I want to get the backslash not need more letters.....I am trying to install a security program...soon...

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omg....same thing happened to me and I spent an hour googling this issue.

my alpha keys would bring up numerical and/or punctuation. for example, letter "i" would type "5".

How many people have had this problem??

Simple simple SIMPLE answer folks. Are ya ready??

On your Vaio laptop keyboard...upper right hand side of keys....there is the 'Num Lk Scr Lk' button. Simply unclick this so that the light goes out. This keyboard does not require the 'num lock' as regular usb style k/boards do...since there is no right hand numerical keypad.....


Feel free to smack your foreheads at will... I know I did.

You saved me from doing a system restore...thanks! Who would have thought that one simple key being presssed (Num Lk, Scr Lk) would cause so much trouble? I thought I had a virus or something.
You and all others who struggled for hours, heard numerous criticisms about my intelligence around this household, etc. etc. appreciate you posting the answer for us.

Now, I am on to the I type too fast? for the Vaio to record the letter. GRRRRRRR.
Also, don't ya just hate VISTA?
CyberGal > Next problem
Jul 23, 2009 at 07:26 PM
No problem Dizzy - glad I could help!

I was so frustrated...I would have paid a tech shop to 'diagnose and fix'.

TG for Google.
Patk > CyberGal
Sep 23, 2009 at 05:42 AM
Thank you for this answer- my laptop has been effectively useless for months and could find no answer from anywhere until today.

Brilliant- thanks again
Oct 2, 2009 at 05:07 AM
Okay so this is only going to be a problem on laptops WITHOUT a numbers keypad to the right. BUT!!! It turned from a problem into an asset! Now, if you press the numlock key in the top right of your keyboard, you will fix the problem. But get this! It is not an ERROR... Come on, you think the manufacturer made a button that doesn't work? NO! See, you have a REAL KEYPAD of numbers!! ACTUALLY!!! HAHAHA I JUST LOOKED AT MY KEYBOARD TO SEE, AND YES I OVERLOOKED IT, TO THE TOP RIGHT, THERE ARE NUMBERS ON U, I, O, J, K, L, M, ;, AND .

It is set up to use 7, 8, and 9 as the top of the numbers keypad, and then the next three keys below to be 4, 5, and 6, and the next three keys below that to be 1, 2, and 3. It also makes the decimal period, the plus, the minus, and the multiplication symbol to the right, just like a big keyboard. Oh, and the 0 is below the 1, 2, 3 row and so is the decimal period. It is set up just like a numbers keypad. It IS a numbers keypad. So now any time you want to use the numbers keypad instead of the row of numbers at the top, just push numlock on your standard 101/102 key keyboard (the one without a numbers keypad)!This actually resolves my problem with smaller than 17" laptops which have the shortened keyboard!!! This is sooo cool, now I have my numbers keypad AND a smaller and more portable laptop!!! Sweet.This is the most convenient computer issue I have ever had. hahaha awesome!

Yours might be a bit different, but MOST IF NOT ALL ARE LIKE THIS:

When "numlock" is ON:
(number) 0 (to the right of 9) = (division symbol a.k.a. backslash) /
(number) 9 = (number) 9
(number) 8 = (number) 8
(number) 7 = (number) 7
(letter) p = (multiplication symbol a.k.a. asterisk) *
(letter) o = (number) 6
(letter) I = (number) 5
(letter) u = (number) 4
(semicolon and colon) ; : = (subtraction symbol a.k.a. dash) -
(letter) l = (number) 3
(letter) k = (number) 2
(letter) j = (number) 1
(backslash and question mark) / ? = (addition symbol a.k.a. plus symbol) +
(period and greater than symbol) . > = (decimal period a.k.a. dot) .
(letter) m = (number) 0
(enter) enter = (equals sign or next line) =

It should be a set-up to be of a similar array (tried to make it look like a keyboard):
| 7 || 8 || 9 || / |
|| 4 || 5 || 6 || * |
H || 1 || 2 || 3 || - ||" , ||enter|
|| N || 0 || . || + || shift