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dan d - Updated on Nov 25, 2017 at 02:14 AM
 thanks - Feb 12, 2020 at 05:22 PM
I have the right side of my keyboard that will not enter the gives me letters with a little deally on top....I want to get the backslash not need more letters.....I am trying to install a security program...soon...

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omg....same thing happened to me and I spent an hour googling this issue.

my alpha keys would bring up numerical and/or punctuation. for example, letter "i" would type "5".

How many people have had this problem??

Simple simple SIMPLE answer folks. Are ya ready??

On your Vaio laptop keyboard...upper right hand side of keys....there is the 'Num Lk Scr Lk' button. Simply unclick this so that the light goes out. This keyboard does not require the 'num lock' as regular usb style k/boards do...since there is no right hand numerical keypad.....


Feel free to smack your foreheads at will... I know I did.

You saved me from doing a system restore...thanks! Who would have thought that one simple key being presssed (Num Lk, Scr Lk) would cause so much trouble? I thought I had a virus or something.
You and all others who struggled for hours, heard numerous criticisms about my intelligence around this household, etc. etc. appreciate you posting the answer for us.

Now, I am on to the I type too fast? for the Vaio to record the letter. GRRRRRRR.
Also, don't ya just hate VISTA?