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I have the right side of my keyboard that will not enter the gives me letters with a little deally on top....I want to get the backslash not need more letters.....I am trying to install a security program...soon...

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omg....same thing happened to me and I spent an hour googling this issue.

my alpha keys would bring up numerical and/or punctuation. for example, letter "i" would type "5".

How many people have had this problem??

Simple simple SIMPLE answer folks. Are ya ready??

On your Vaio laptop keyboard...upper right hand side of keys....there is the 'Num Lk Scr Lk' button. Simply unclick this so that the light goes out. This keyboard does not require the 'num lock' as regular usb style k/boards do...since there is no right hand numerical keypad.....


Feel free to smack your foreheads at will... I know I did.
Thank you

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Thank you very much Zain. FN and Numlock are the solution
Thanks so much..I was super frustrated as to how this like a charm now!!!
I just had to hold the "Fn" and "Num Lk" buttons then tadddaaa it worked....... I feel so funny lol.... thank you.
Your problem is the keyboard switched to a different language, on the bottom right side you'll see a keyboard, click it, change it to english.
thank you for helping out ,,, it fixed the problem
perfect thank u!
help me please whenever I do back space it takes alot of time and it ke
Totally glad to help out.
Wonder how many techs out there have made a killing off this 'issue'???

I'm SO happy googling "s6ny va56 a3t car" got me here :)
Ok, so I know about NUMLOCK. but here is a slightly different challenge and it driving me NUTS!!!

In word 2007 (Vista) the appropriate 'green' character works...e.g. the question mark and the back slash. BUT in Outlook I am SUDDENLY getting the 'pink' characters and CANNOT get the green question mark. What is happening???? Please help!!
I have tried every combination of FN, Alt Car, Num Lk, Control, name it. Am at my WITS END!!
I just aked a stupid question to El lol? I know how to get "green" characters to work. Sorry, it's the "pink" characters I can't get to work.
so I have a sony vaio pcg-fx370 and I got the blue screen of death and had to completely start over with xp. soon after I noticed my touch pad wouldnt scroll when moving on the rightside, but I went to sony website, found driver and fixed the prob :) but I just noticed my fn button isnt working either ie: volume control and I cant find anything on the website for keyboards any ideas?
There is a picture of a keyboard on the bottom right of your screen (on the task bar to the left of the time and running apps). Click the keyboard symbol, if you want to use the PINK characters, set it to Canadian French, if you don't want to use them, set it to US.

Note, it seems to stay set per application so when I set it to Canadian French here, then to US in word, then came back here, it was still on Canadian French.
Okay per JoKO holding Ctrl Shift Fn also works at toggling it back and forth... frustrating since I need to press those keys in the excel for Inverse Matrices so it's messing with my keyboard when I do the problem! At least now I know how/why it got turned on!
You are correct! Numbers inserted into the alpha section of the keyboard.
Funny how I never noticed this before....
Thank you so much!! I feel like an idiot! I didn't even notice the number lock light was on. You saved me at least a $50 support call.
you saved me a lot of time or formating of system

thnaks a tonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
OK What you need to do is play with ctrl shif and ctrl shif Fn on the bottem right side of the key bor as well as the number lock button at the top left corner. Just fiddle around with these two, you will get how they work with some practice. It was my understanding that alt car was a compleatly different fuction. Probably something to do with suffing the net and manipulating programs with out a mouse.

after a year of trying to fix it, you are the best!
thank you
This actually works and is a separate issue from the number key. Setting the keyboard type did not help.
also had to play with alt fn shift. There are at least three different modes. A bit voodoo.