Desktop keyboard types wrong letter

wondering - Updated on Nov 29, 2018 at 04:46 AM
 Decochino - Feb 22, 2019 at 05:12 AM

Have a keyboard that will go wierd and type the wrong letters. Have already changed to a new keyboard so it is not that - It does not do it all the time - but is getting more and more often that it does. It is a microsoft keyboard - there has not been anything spilt on it. Any suggestions please!
System Configuration: Windows XP
Internet Explorer 7.0

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Had the same problem. Solved it by hitting the NUM LOCK/SCRN LOCK key.
Had the same problem. Solved it by hitting the NUM LK/SCRN LK key.

that worked lol I feel like an idiot thank you
hey man,

it was good help for solving problem of keyboard.. keep it up.
Hey, I was really stuck with my keyboard typing out numbers instead of letters, and I read your comment on a forum, and it worked :D
I just wanted to say thanks :P
It was a great help
Thanks for this info "buddy", brillant that you knew this - solved me from spending hours on the phone waiting to get through to sony support. Many thanks
Ha, yeh, me too...I am such a doghnut...spent all night trying to check for spyware and viruses....then realised I had the number lock on!!! What a muppet!! I hang my head in shame!!!