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Have a keyboard that will go wierd and type the wrong letters. Have already changed to a new keyboard so it is not that - It does not do it all the time - but is getting more and more often that it does. It is a microsoft keyboard - there has not been anything spilt on it. Any suggestions please!
System Configuration: Windows XP
Internet Explorer 7.0

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Had the same problem. Solved it by hitting the NUM LOCK/SCRN LOCK key.
Thank you

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lol its just one click...
i tried so much to work it right but it didnt work..
but this is awesome..thank you sir
lmaoooo thanksss ur da best man
OMG, thank you! This drove me crazy for like a week!
worked, Thanks
the num lock key is also mixed up on mine.
Try hitting CTRL and Shift at the same time. I had the same problem...realized it was this key combination that would toggle a scrambled keyboard.
hey thanks for that, I was scrolling down this page trying every single suggestion, none of them which worked
and I was getting more and more desperate, yours was the last one on the page and it worked!!
thanks soooooooooo much.
Thank you so much
Thanks so much. Really helped us out!
really works!!! thanks a bunch
thanks the very much! it work!
this really work , I turn off the num lock there no more type wrong letters or scramble mix number and letter any more. thanks for posting guy.
thanks so much. I was goint hysterical and nuts for awhile lol
I had the same problem. If your letters show up as numbers then the nums lock should help. If your letters show up as the wrong letters, nums lock may not help. What I did was right click on the windows task bar, then clicked on toolbars and selected language bar. This should make a little keyboard show up on the windows task bar. Click on the keyboard and it should show u the diff language settings for the keyboard. I simply selected English - USA and violla, it was back to normal.
presses ctrl+shift+num lock key and it works in IBM thinkpad laptop
ok I mean that u have written above ok
try this one
open run
1st goto start
then click on run
the run window will open there u type osk
then press enter

after doing it u will see the layout of your keyboard ok
Hiya does this work for laptops too please I am havin trouble because half of my keyboad is writing in letters and the other half is writing in numbers do you have any suggestions please it's an acer laptop
> sugarpuff
Yes Windows is windows regardless What system your using:D The 6000 series computer I mentioned was a laptop.
Thank you.. Control shift worked for me. I noticed that it was only happening when I used firefox and when I restarted firefox, that solved the problem. I realized it was probably a key combo that I pressed but until now I didnt know what to do about it. Thanks........
just hit [Num Lock]
it should be ok
I had the exact same problem with my dell lap top. If you look at the keyboard you can see on the letters J K L (for example) there are also numbers that share those keys. The keys that letters and numbers share act as the 10 key calculator that used to share the keyboard. If you simply shut your num lock off it will turn the numbers off.
Ty very much. I have been having trouble with my Hp Z6000. I was looking under keyboard setting with no luck in finding options. I did not know about the "osk" command which I assume stands for On Screen Keyboard. I Saw that the keyboard was set up differently. The owner of the laptop is from Mexico and had set the US keyboard for that region. lol Thanks again saved me a lot of trouble.

hi moya
osk means on screen keyboard it work by just clicking the mouse pointer on osk ok
to open it just
go to start
then go to run
the dialouge box will open then there write osk press enter
thanks it worked a lot slower but at least I can access my stuff / only paid 80.00 for it so my computer guy said it would cost over 100.00 to fix / what to do

hey I just had this same problem on an XPS 210 with a dell multimedia keyboard. Windows XP with SP3. I just had to unplug the keyboard, then restart the computer and plug it back in. Fixed! I think you may need to check that the driver was uninstalled in the device manager before restarting. If the keyboard isn't listed then it has automatically been uninstalled and you should be good. Hope this helps
Had same problem. Just reinstalled windows. I had not selected English installation. Selected American instead. Go to control panel, regional and Language options- English (United Kingdom) - alter it there. The American keyboard is different. Hope it helps.
Hi, This forum is very helpful. I tried searching for 15 minutes and I found the message with a link to Madking's tip. Function+Num lock worked for my samsung laptop. Thanks very much Madking.