Please kelp as Microsoft cant

 Rashed -
Please can anyone Help Me Urgently I log in to Windows Live Messenger Version 2009 Buoild 14 etc and when i click on my e mail in box or view files inline it takes me to my login page and i have to then login.
when i am logged into Windows Live Mail and i click on any of the tabs across the top of the page eg Photois, Profile, skydrive eytc i get a page trying to open then goes no wher I am left with a blank page and it is driving me mad.
I tried mailing Microsofe al they keep doing is passing me from one support team to another and getting nowhere atall.

All of above happens in Internet explorer 7 when i try my mail in box and click on Tabs in Mozolla Firefox all the tabs open ok can anyone direct me as to why this may be happening I would be eternally grateful and I thank you all in anticipation of a helpful direction soon Thanks again Jon

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Keep going with Microsoft. They'll give you the answer evntualy.