Excel 2010; Need help w/If, Then formula

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I need a formula that if there are duplicate values in column A, then it will sum the values in column D for the rows with duplicate values in column A and return the sum in the first of the duplicate rows in column C and delete the row with the duplicate in column A.

A7 = 35060, A8 = 35060, then D7+D8 and return sum to c7, then delete row 8.

I am a neophite with formulas and macros so I'm sorry if this sounds more convoluted than it needs to be.

Any help would be great!

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Good afternoon, The excel "if then" statement if structured as such....
=if(logical condition to check, true, false)

If you wish to loop if/then, then nest it in the false portion and make a second test for logic....so something like...
=if(E1=1,"e1=1",if(E1=2,"E1=2","E1 is not 1 or 2"))

This would be a formula in a cell, not a VBA macro.

Think it through based on the example.