How can i increase my downloading speed?

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my download speed is too low.a 265 mb game is been downloaded in 7-10 hours.

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Jun 29, 2013 at 11:00 AM
Easiest and Quickest way to tweek you registry using online tool ...

Follow these short instructions...

go to and do a speed test. Write that number down that is gives you for the Down speed.

Open browser with elevated rights.....

and navigate to:

On left hand column, you will see a link for TCPIP Optimizer,

Click on that and run it.

When it comes up take the slider bar in the middle of the userform, and slide it to the number you have written down.

On the bottom of the userform, you will see a button called "optimize", click it, and another form will come up and tell you what you changed. Click ok and reboot. If it says you cannot make any changes, then you have not started the browser in ADMIN, therefore you cannot make any changes to registry.

What is happening, think of your pc as a train with 1000 cars every single time it is on the tracks(Internet). Before any changes, your pc thinks each "car" in the train can only hold 100 things, so once each car is full, it leaves the station for a round trip. Because you made the changes, you told your pc that each car can hold 10,000 thing therefore it waits a little longer before leaving the station, therefore less trips back and forth. That is as layman as I can put it!

Have fun!

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