HCL ME latop crash

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 hero - Aug 15, 2013 at 07:11 AM

My HCL ME laptop crashes intermittently and on restart gives continuous beeps. Can someone please help .

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Jul 13, 2013 at 04:57 AM

Try this 1

Remove the RAM from the slot, clean it and place it back properly or try

another slot.

If you have no idea about RAM, then click on the below hyperlink "RAM".


Note : While removing the RAM and placing it back, you need to be careful.

Check your RAM also. Even bad RAM will result in such problems.

If you are having two RAMs then remove it, place only one RAM in the slot and

check if you are to start your laptop without any issue. If the problem still exists

then change the slot. If you still having the same issue then then try the above

procedure with the other RAM.

Good Luck
the above mentioned method will only temporarily fix your lappy. the crash may happen again. so once it has startd, goto power options, balnced power- advancd settings-minimum processor - should be 5% by default, make it 100% - apply-ok.
it should work fine then.