Low speed internet but high speed browser

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What is the low speed internet but high speed net browser.


How internet speed low to converted high.

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Jul 26, 2013 at 09:54 AM
I am not certain I understand your question, but it is possible to have a high speed connection, but your computer is configured for a dial up or a lower bandwidth connection. In that cae, yo would need to tweak your registry settings.

Do the follwoing, if this is what you are asking:
Log into your browser as admin.
Go to www.speedguide.net
on left hand side in middle of page, a link says TCIP OPtimizer.
Click there and at top of next page is TCPIP Optimizer link, run it.

When a diagram box displays, slide the bandwidth slider to the setting that is appropriate for your connection speeds. Click onthe butonthat says optimize, and reboot.

I hope this gives you some direction.