No sniper attachments in splinter cell chaos theory mission 8

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i've been playing splinter cell chaos theory. now i'm playing mission 8 (Seoul). but i'm not getting sniper attachments but i hv chosen all three type of equipment like stealth, redding's recomendation, assault. but still i'm not getting sniper....

any help will be appreciated.

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Aug 15, 2013 at 10:21 AM
I do not play, but I have found these....
Draw the SC-20K and tap White. That'll change your attachment to the sniper one. Then with the rifle drawn, click the Right stick and you're in sniper mode.
" ... or....

When you have the choice for Redding's Recommendation, Stealth, or Assault. Scan through them and choose whichever one shows the sniper attachment. Most of the time it will be in the Assault option, but sometimes it is in Redding's Recommendation.
Sniper Attachment is only available on, Penthouse, Hokkaido, Battery, Seoul, and the Bathhouse missions.
I hope this helps,
hey don't know if you figured it out yet...but u have to press square to equip it/pull it out...then tap R2 (PS2) and it'll switch from shotgun to sniper attachment for the assault loadout