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  • Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Version 1.02.01
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

TEKKEN is the longest-running story among all the video game franchises, and it is coming back with state-of-the-art graphics, powerful rivalries, and brand-new gameplay mechanics like the Heat System!


Tekken 7 finished with Kazuya, who seemed to kill his father, Heihachi, and kept fighting in a war with Jin Kazama. If Kazuya had already learned how to control his Devil Gene, Jin was prone to be taken over by his Devil form, but it seems he finally managed to control it and access even more power. Jin's mother, Jun Kazama, returns after decades of absence and will try to switch the balance of power.


  • New story: TEKKEN 8 seems to have moved from the classic father-son-based tale and now gives more highlights to Jin and his companion in their mission to hunt and take down Kazuya Mishima once and for all. Also, each character's background is more detailed.
  • Heat System: This is a new game mechanic encouraging aggressiveness and taking risks. As you temporarily switch to the Heat state, you can perform special, aggressive, and powerful moves, allowing you to incorporate offensive attacks into your playstyle. All move sets are based on each character's unique ability and features.
  • Recoverable Gauge: The damage you take by blocking big moves or from aerial combos will remain as a white chunk. You can fill it back when you hit your opponents, or they block your attacks.
  • Rage Art: Introduced in TEKKEN 7, Rage Art is a powerful attack with crushing properties that can be activated once per round. Each character has unique Rage Art based on their abilities.
  • Characters: Most of the iconic characters are back, like Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, Jack-8, Jun Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Devil Kazuya, King II, Lars Alexandersson, Marshall Law, Nina Williams, or Paul Phoenix. But you will also be pleased to know that Jun Kazama, after 25 years, will be playable too. Of course, many other characters will be there, but you will have to wait.
  • Stage destructions: You will experience dynamic and destructible environments throughout various levels. This time it offers more gameplay possibilities to perform more complex combos, deal additional damage, and dynamically change the environment where you fight.

Graphics and sound

Developed using the powerful Unreal Engine 5, TEKKEN 8 features next-gen high-definition character models with high-fidelity hair, skin, and muscles. The different environments are gorgeous, with stunning graphics, beautiful lighting, and different atmospheres. Sound effects dynamically react depending on your moves and interactions with the other player and the environment, making the whole thing lively and immersive.

Game modes

TEKKEN 8 features single-player and multiplayer game modes that are not all announced yet:

  • The Devil Gene Saga: This is the main story mode where you will discover the lore and story of TEKKEN 8. You will meet and find side characters like Paul, Law, Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu, and Steve who are involved in the story, with main characters such as Jin, Kazuya, Jun, Asuka, Nina, Anna, Lars, and Lee.
  • Character Episodes: These are character-specific story modes for each of the 50 characters. But this time, each one has 8 fights against predetermined opponents.
  • Arcade Mode: You choose your character and go through 10 stages and different opponents. If part of them may be randomly picked up, the last ones may be predetermined to fit the game story.
  • Versus: Players pick 2 characters and fight each other.
  • More: It is likely the game will feature new modes and include existing modes from the previous titles, like Survival, Team Arcade, and Online Mode, but they're not announced yet.

Age rating


TEKKEN 8 will likely be rated PEGI 16 like the previous titles.

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